A complete list of stars who graced W Korea’s “Love Your W” campaign 2023


K-pop idols from Straykids’ Felix to Astro’s Cha Eunwoo enthusiastically took part in W Korea’s 18th Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, “Love Your W” for 2023. Additionally, K-pop idols Lee Min-ho aka Lee Know of Stray Kids, Hwasa, Danielle and Haerin of NewJeans, DK of SEVENTEEN, Sana of TWICE, along with South Korean actress Mun Kayoung also took part in the campaign.

W launched this campaign in 2006 to address the lack of public knowledge of breast cancer, and in the 17 years since then, it has been instrumental in raising awareness about the condition.

This year, all the aforementioned K-pop and Korean celebrities were highlighted in W Korea’s Instagram posts, where they used a video to express their sentiments of warmth regarding the campaign. Fans applauded their gestures and encouraged them to continue campaigning.

Additionally, W Korea has collaborated with renowned artist Maurizio Cattelan and created artwork for a mug and T-shirt to raise awareness for the “Love Your W” campaign.

As per Perrotin, Cattelan is one of the most well-liked and contentious artists in the field of modern art. His paintings, which freely borrow from the actual world of people and things, approaches everything with a wicked sense of humor, whether it’s pointing out deeper human difficulties and uncomfortable feelings or guiding viewers toward questioning socially-embedded standards.

“Love Your W” campaign 2023 ropes in K-pop idols and Korean celebrities for their 18th campaign

The Raum in Seoul hosted the previous edition of the event on October 20, 2022, where well-known figures from the Korean entertainment industry, including BTS members RM aka Kim Namjoon and J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok, Cha Eunwoo, Jessica from SNSD, Yoon Eun-hye, Kim Joo-hyuk, and Oh Ji-ho, were in attendance.

This year, for the 18th campaign, several other celebrities stepped up to lend a hand to the cause. Take a look at the list:

1) Felix of Stray Kids

Felix of Stray Kids can seen holding the mug with Maurizio Cattelan’s artwork, donning a white shirt with a black tie, along with his charming visuals. His fans were delighted to see him become a part of W Korea’s “Love Your W” campaign, raising awareness for breast cancer.

Recently, his group Stray Kids released their comeback mini-album, ROCK-STAR, on November 10, 2023.

2) Cha Eunwoo

For the 2023 “Love Your W” campaign video, Cha Eun-woo, who goes by his stage name Eunwoo, looks sharp in a white shirt and black tuxedo. In the video, he is seen drinking from a cup.

The singer and actor is currently riding on the crest of success with his ongoing K-drama, A Good Day To Be A Dog.

3) Hwasa

K-pop soloist Hwasa, who is also a member of the girl group MAMAMOO, could be seen in a white Maurizio Cattelan T-shirt as she grooved to a tune with earphones on. Her carefree yet delicate visuals have added a certain charm to the video for the “Love Your W” campaign.

The singer signed as a soloist with P Nation on June 30, 2023.

4) Sana of TWICE

Furthermore, Sana of TWICE appeared for the video flaunting a white dress, as she sat elegantly behind a table, looking intently towards the camera. She exuded refinement and genuineness in her appearance. Sana’s beauty was accentuated by the minimal make-up, which also wonderfully complemented the campaign’s theme of encouraging self-awareness and appreciation for oneself.

Her fans were delighted to see her feature on the “Love Your W” campaign for W Korea.

5) Lee Know of Stray Kids

Lee Min-ho, aka Lee Know of Stray Kids, has also contributed to this multifaceted strategy of “Love Your W” this year. In a video, the K-pop artist conveyed his sentiments for the campaign by W Korea. Along with applauding him for his visual appeal, fans were over the over as they encouraged the idol to keep participating in the campaign in the coming years as well.

6) Mun Kayoung

South Korean actress Mun Kayoung, who is well-acclaimed for her lead roles in K-dramas such as The Interest of Love, True Beauty, and Welcome to Waikiki 2, participated in the campaign by W Korea. She filmed the video clip for the “Love Your W” campaign when she attended Milan Fashion Week on September 25, 2023. Fans were awestruck by her serene visuals and lauded her for being a part of this holistic campaign.


Dokyeom or DK of SEVENTEEN also starred in the “Love Your W” campaign’s pictorial and helped W Korea raise awareness around breast cancer. His fans, who are lovingly known as CARATs, took pride in the idol as he flaunted the iconic mug with Maurizio Cattelan’s artwork for the video shoot.

Donning a pair of denims along with a denim shirt, DK looked nothing short of art himself.

8) Danielle of NewJeans

Meanwhile, fans of Danielle from NewJeans expressed their delight on social media about her participation in the project when they saw her in the current ad graphic, dressed in red.

Since making her professional debut, Danielle has amassed a devoted following that has been captivated by her engaging appearance and ability. Her participation in the “Love Your W” campaign gives her already outstanding portfolio a poignant touch.

9) Haerin of NewJeans

Since her start in the industry, Haerin from NewJeans has amassed a devoted fan base and has mesmerized her fans with her engaging appearance and talent. The artist’s elegant gestures while playing with dice and making eye contact with the camera were one of the advertising video’s most notable scenes during the “Love Your W” campaign.

According to recent figures, breast cancer is poised to surpass all varieties of cancer as being the most common form among women, with roughly 30% of them having received a diagnosis. Owing to the rising prevalence of this fatal illness, W Korea arranges events and unique awareness initiatives each year.

The “Love Your W” campaign, launched by W Korea in 2006, aims to increase public awareness of breast cancer and reinforce the significance of routine examinations.

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