Andrew Price Firefighter Obituary, A Chicago Firefighter Has Died, Love Ones Mourn


Andrew Price Firefighter Death – Andrew “Drew” Price, a slain firefighter and EMT from Chicago, will be laid to rest on Monday.While putting out a fire at a Lincoln Park restaurant, 39-year-old Price fell through a light shaft and died a week ago. Outside the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office, 2121 W. Harrison St., his coworkers formed a line of support a few hours later. The Navy Pier Grand Ballroom is hosting Price’s funeral. The schedule reads as follows: 9 a.m., a private viewing, 10 a.m., public viewing, and noon, service.

Price has served as a firefighter since March 2009. His most recent assignment was with Truck 44, which is headquartered at 2714 N. Halsted St. He joins three other firefighters who have lost their lives this year in the course of duty. According to firefighter Carlos Gonzalez, they met for the first time on March 20, 2021, and after the shift ended, Price contacted Gonzalez to encourage him to “keep up the good work.” To me, that was very important. Even though he didn’t realize it at the time, that text was the first of many between him and Drew, and it marked the beginning of a particular friendship.

Gonzalez added that Price made an effort to keep the firehouse spirit high through the use of jokes and pranks, and that he was always willing to lend a hand to his fellow firefighters so that they could reach their full potential. “He was always watching out for us like a big brother,” he commented. “Drew, even though you’re gone, we’re still a team, and just like your Batman call sign, I know you’re still watching over us.” According to Price’s longtime friend and coworker Dustin Jeffers, Price “always wanted to find a way to be happy and shift everything to positive.”

Jeffers mentioned that Price had a strong aversion to the letter “i.” Instead, he would spell words with a y sound, such as “like” as “lyke.” My guess is that he was never a fan of the letter “i” as his whole existence revolved on other people. He had a way with words and was always going out of his way to help others. According to Jeffers, he was genuinely unselfish. According to Jeffers, Price was also known to play practical jokes on his fellow firefighters by hiding under their beds and then jumping out to startle them.

Price and his wife went to Costco the day before he died on the job to get Christmas plants. They ended up buying two, one for Price and his family and one for Jeffers. Jeffers mentioned that his own son didn’t get why Price didn’t arrive in a fire truck. That Christmas plant visit meant the world to me. That was my final encounter with him in person. He and Lara were both embraced by us. “That was a day I will always remember,” he raved. According to Jeffers, one of Price’s best memories is of his pal sitting in a chair for two hours along the Chicago Marathon route, cheering him on as he ran for approximately fifteen seconds.

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