Are Justine and Jack still together from Love Island Games? Relationship updates


Peacock’s Love Island Games Season 1 saw a range of singles from around the world get their chance to find their soulmates. The Games series, originally a spinoff of different versions of Love Island series over the years, has seen a range of familiar faces make their way to the show.

These are previous contestants who returned without finding what they came looking for, at the show. Two of these, Justine from Love Island USA Season 2 and Jack from Love Island UK Season 4, immediately developed a chemistry and have since gone on to become one of the most iconic couples that formed on Season 1.

Love Island Games’ Justine and Jack are still together

Justine Ndiba and Jack Fowler have become two of the most recognizable faces from Season 1 of Love Island Games. Having started off their journey due to an innocent exchange related to Justine’s chickpea allergy, the two seemingly became close right from the start.

Jack, who had initially claimed that he is a great listener, had somehow remembered Justine’s chickpea allergy and came running to warn her about a salad:

“He came running over saying, ‘Justine, did you eat the salad? There’s chickpeas in it.’ He’s saving my life. That’s when I knew this man really cared about me.”

Justine revealed that while she had initially been struck with Jack due to the care he showed for her, she realized the two had a similar mindset and had come to the show looking for the same exact thing. This meant that the two naturally developed a close bond.

Regardless, the two, having emerged as the winners of Love Island Games Season 1, appear to have only gotten closer in the past few months. Justine had previously won season 2 of Love Island USA but ended up separating. Jack, meanwhile, was eliminated from season 4 of Love Island UK, on day 53, after having entered on day 26.

The two also revealed that they ended up splitting the $100,000 cash prize this time around, and have continued to work on their relationship since leaving the show.

There is quite a bit of evidence of the same. The two seemed to have gone together on vacation following the events of Love Island Games and have since then featured in each other’s social media multiple times.

Justine Ndiba, originally from the Congo Republic, moved to the USA back in 2001 and has also previously appeared in The Challenge series. She recently appeared on a YouTube podcast alongside fellow Love Island contestant Elizabeth Weber, a video in which her current partner also featured.

Hence, considering their recent social media appearances together and no reports stating otherwise, Justine and Jack appear to be together still and have only become closer in recent months.

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