BamBam shares how there is no bad blood between K-pop group GOT7 and ex-label JYP Entertainment


During the latest episode of Bam House, Thai-born rapper and South Korean idol BamBam updated fans on how there is no bad beef between K-pop group GOT7 and its ex-management, JYP Entertainment.

Featuring star guest J.Y. Park, the founder of JYP, on his show, BamBam made sure to clear the air among fans by casually speaking about the relationship between the boyband and the former label.

Describing their relationship as a ‘family,’ BamBam wanted to clear out all the misunderstandings spreading among the fans. The Thai singer said:

“I really want to untie this misunderstanding. There’s no problem at all between GOT7 and JYP.”

The RiBBon singer also shared that J.Y. Park is like a big brother to the boyband and even suggested having dinner together after they left the company.

BamBam comments on the healthy relationship between JYP Entertainment and GOT7 in the recent episode of Bam House

GOT7, as a complete group, left JYP Entertainment in January 2021 and has been producing music as an independent group ever since. Since then, there have been multiple times when fans assumed a beef between GOT7 and their former CEO, Park Jinyoung, aka J.Y. Park.

Luckily, through the latest episode of Bam House, both BamBam and J.Y. Park, a member of GOT7, cleared up the false rumors.

J.Y. Park mentioned during the interview that he is well-connected with the other members of the group. Furthermore, he speaks frequently with Yugyeom and Jay B, showing that their bond is “family-like.”

In the course of the interview, the Thai rapper thanked his former CEO for not hating on the group while they left the company.

“Honestly, you could hate on us when we [left JYP Entertainment], but you didn’t so we’re so thankful for that,” he said.

To this end, Park appreciated the group for doing well as a group, and there was no reason to hate on them just because they had different opinions.

Later on, BamBam gave a special shoutout to Park for letting the boyband continue with the original name ‘GOT7’ even after leaving the company. Not many agencies let the artists carry on with the group name. However, Park was okay with it.

Park also commended the group, stating that GOT7’s departure had a significant impact on the firm. He indicated that the band’s revenue contribution was not insignificant.

After completing seven years with the company in 2021, GOT7, consisting of seven members, collectively decided to leave JYP Entertainment and not renew their contracts. In 2022, the members shared with the fans that, due to the difference in opinions and the way JYP works, they decided to part ways and also work on their solo careers.

Since then, the independent group has released a single and an EP titled Got7.

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