Charlie Kavanagh Suicide, Durham New hampshire, University Of New Hampshire Student Has Died By Suicide


Charlie Kavanagh Suicide – Death – Since the day I learned that you had left my life, I have gone through what is most likely the most serious breakdown I have ever encountered. My day is difficult today, and since then, I’ve experienced more than one breakdown. Today is a trying day for me. When you discover that you are not having a good day, everything that you remember about your loved one comes flooding over you, leaving you with the sense that you are drowning in your sorrow.

You may assume that you are having a good day until you realize that you are not. The way that grief presents itself is so challenging to feel because it sneaks up on you when you are least expecting it to; this makes it challenging to deal with. I will be glad that I had the opportunity to spend seven years with the most incredible man I have ever experienced, my Chazmann, and I will be pleased that I am still here, still striving to stay going every day.

Instead of feeling as though I have let myself down by crying, I will be thankful that I have the opportunity to spend seven years with him. However, attempting to keep a pleasant disposition and a positive attitude can become such a hardship that it becomes a strain on a regular basis due to the overwhelming amount of work that is involved.
I promise that I will never cease loving you, Charlie, even in the future.

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