Christine Horrocks Obituary, Christine Horrocks Funeral Service -Death


Christine Horrocks Obituary, Death  – It is with profound grief that we hereby communicate the particulars of the funeral ceremony for the late Christine Anne Horrocks. The bereaved family and acquaintances of the deceased are cordially invited to participate in a commemorative gathering held in tribute to her life. The event is scheduled to occur on Thursday, November 23rd, at 2:00 pm, within the parlor located at 122 Florence Street, Port Pirie.

Christine is widely respected by many individuals, and her commemoration will involve a ceremony that effectively captures the essence of her life and the significant influence she had on those around her. The gathering provides a platform for relatives and acquaintances to convene, providing comfort and assistance, while jointly commemorating the legacy of a beloved individual. After the conclusion of the funeral service, a discreet cremation will be carried out.

During this exclusive farewell meeting, it is anticipated that Christine’s spirit will transcend and achieve permanent repose. The family kindly begs that donations be given towards Barunga Village, an organization that had considerable significance to Christine, instead of floral arrangements. At the funeral, attendees will be provided with donation envelopes, offering them the chance to make contributions to a charitable organization that holds special value to the departed individual.

As we engage in the process of bidding adieu, it is crucial that we seek solace in the reminiscences we have collectively experienced with Christine. May the lasting memories of the deceased and those who knew and loved her endure, and may the memorial service serve as a suitable homage to a life marked by fulfillment and achievement.

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