Cindy Mackay Obituary, Cindy Mackay Of Meota Killed In Cold Blood With Strychnine Drink


Cindy Mackay Obituary, Death – Michael MacKay, a 41-year-old from Saskatchewan, admitted to killing his 38-year-old wife Cindy on their family farm. Monday’s court proceedings in Battleford shed a dark light on this tragic and heinous crime. The judge’s verdict was crystal clear: a life sentence without the possibility of release for ten years, which adequately punished the seriousness and brutality of his crimes. The eerie specifics exposed a terrifying story. Medical staff were suspicious after Cindy MacKay’s sudden death in February 2020, therefore they notified the RCMP.

The tragic circumstances that unfolded revealed a horrific tale: Michael MacKay, motivated by heartless intentions, poisoned his wife with strychnine, a deadly pesticide, and she died a horrible, lingering death. During the court session, the couple’s history was revealed, along with a disturbing agreed statement of facts. The couple met at a church in 2004, quickly got married, and had three children together, creating an idyllic family portrait. But as Michael MacKay became involved in an extramarital affair, a terrible truth a blatant breach of trust became apparent.

It was revealed from messages exchanged days before the poisoning that Michael had terrifying premeditation. “Goodbye will likely be in a couple days.” He sent a chilling goodbye text message to his mistress. Members of Cindy MacKay’s broken family talked movingly of her motherly affection during the ceremony. Their hearts were filled with terror at her sudden and unfair death, which inflicted unimaginable suffering.

Consistent with the gravity of Michael MacKay’s crime, the court’s decision aimed to exact retribution for Cindy’s senseless murder. The peace of a family and a town was destroyed by his horrific deed, and the scars may never completely heal. Cindy MacKay was a loving mother and friend to many. Her memory will live on in the hearts of her mourners as a constant reminder of a life that was tragically taken too soon.

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