Craig Ross Obituary, Cherished Member Of Kendal Rugby Club Has Sadly Passed Away


Craig Ross Obituary, Death – Craig Ross was a devoted and well-liked member of the rugby community, and it is with a heavy heart that the Kendal Rugby Club shares the news of his passing. Because Craig was more than just a fan of the game of rugby; he was a genuine supporter of the Kendal Rugby Club, his passing has left a gap that reverberates through the hearts of all who knew him.

The enthusiasm that Craig had for the game was contagious, and he engaged himself in every part of the competition. His dedication to the Kendal Rugby Club extended well beyond the playing field; he was a pillar of support, always willing to donate his time and knowledge wherever it was required. Craig personified the spirit of rugby and was undeniably a great gentleman.

He was famous for his kind heart and smile that spread like wildfire. The honest and selfless person that he was has been lost to the Kendal community as a result of his premature passing, and everyone there is in mourning over this tragic event. During this difficult time, his wife, Jackie, and the rest of his family are receiving the condolences of the rugby club, as well as those of many friends, teammates, and fans.

As soon as they become available, specifics on the memorial arrangements will be communicated to the community in order to facilitate a gathering of individuals who wish to honor Craig’s enduring contribution to the Kendal Rugby Club. His legacy will live on in the hearts and minds of those he helped, and the club would like to express its deepest gratitude to Craig Ross for the unflinching dedication he has shown to the organization over the years. We will always remember Craig Ross and the Kendal Rugby Family.

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