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Yes, Kyle Dickard gets fired on Below Deck Adventure Season 1. His repeated problematic and potentially criminal behavior, including threatening violence towards Nathan Morley and making unwanted sexual advances toward Kasie Faddah, led to his dismissal from the show. The decision to fire Kyle was likely made to maintain a safe and professional working environment on the yacht.

For details on these events, you can refer to news articles or official statements from the show. Episodes of Below Deck Adventure Season 1 are available for streaming, allowing viewers to witness the developments and the eventual outcome of Kyle’s involvement on the show.

What Happened to Kyle on Below Deck Adventure?

Kyle Dickard faced a turbulent journey on Below Deck Adventure, leading to his early Season 1 firing by Captain Kerry Titheradge. Sparks flew as Kyle pursued a romance with Kasie Faddah, but his disrespectful behavior towards her and other crew members led to his dismissal. His troubles escalated when he clashed with deckhand Nathan Morley, resulting in a threatening confrontation.

Post-show, Kyle’s antics continued. In November 2022, he was arrested at a soccer game in Fort Lauderdale for disorderly conduct and bribery attempts. Despite his significant role on the show, Kyle maintains a low-profile social media presence, residing in South Florida and seemingly prioritizing a party lifestyle over yacht work. Captain Kerry’s decision to let Kyle go seems justified, given his subsequent turbulent behavior and ongoing troubles after leaving Below Deck Adventure.

Who is Kyle?

Kyle Dickard is a former cast member of Below Deck Adventure Season 1. He gained attention for his short-lived stint on the reality show, marked by troubling behavior that led to his early firing. Kyle worked as a deckhand on the yacht and became known for sparking a romance with fellow cast member Kasie Faddah. However, his actions, including disrespectful behavior towards Kasie and other crew members, resulted in his dismissal by Captain Kerry Titheradge.

Post-show, Kyle’s life continued to be eventful. In November 2022, he made headlines for getting arrested at a soccer game in Fort Lauderdale, facing charges of disorderly conduct and bribery. Despite his significant presence on the show, Kyle keeps a low profile on social media, residing in South Florida and seemingly more interested in a party lifestyle than pursuing yacht work.

About Below Deck Adventure

Below Deck Adventure is a reality TV series on Bravo, announced on September 7, 2022, and premiered on November 1, 2022. It’s the fourth spin-off in the Below Deck franchise, following Below Deck Mediterranean, Below Deck Sailing Yacht, and Below Deck Down Under. The show is set on the luxury yacht “Mercury,” cruising the Fjords of Norway. Unlike its predecessors, Below Deck Adventure incorporates both on- and off-ship activities, such as parasailing, bicycling, and rock climbing, involving both guests and crew.

The cast for Season 1 includes Captain Kerry Titheradge, Chief Stewardess Faye Clarke, Chef Jessica Condy, Bosun Lewis Lupton, Stewardesses Oriana Schneps and Kasie Faddah, Deckhands Nathan Morley and Kyle Dickard (ep.1-3), with Michael Gilman and Seth Jacobson joining as Deckhands in later episodes. The series offers a fresh perspective on the Below Deck concept, showcasing maritime adventures in the stunning Norwegian landscapes.

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