Fans outrage as industry insiders reportedly reveal that Seunghan might be kicked out from RIIZE


On November 21, 2023, South Korean media outlet 10Asia reported that industry insiders have allegedly revealed RIIZE’s Seunghan’s possible removal from the group. The outlet mentioned a three-strike rule in the South Korean entertainment industry suggesting that if an idol has more than three scandals, they are likely to be removed from the group.

Seunghan has lately found himself embroiled in a series of controversies, ranging from leaked private pictures to recent accusations of disrespecting Eunchae from LE SSERAFIM. Having already been involved in a total of three controversies, industry insiders, according to 10Asia, speculate that Seunghan may face removal from the group.

Upon learning about the potential dismissal of the idol, fans have expressed their views on social media, with some considering him a victim of privacy invasion. One fan even remarked how RIIZE member is “the victim here.”

BRIIZE extend their support to RIIZE’s Seunghan, call his possible removal “childish”

Seunghan’s controversy began on August 29, 2023, when pictures of him sharing a kiss with his alleged girlfriend went viral on social media. This sparked a feud between international and domestic fans over the ethical implications of his behavior just before his debut.

While international fans continue to support him, others have been calling for his removal from the group, citing potential damage to RIIZE’s reputation. On November 17, 2023, a private video allegedly showing him dissing Eunchae with Soobin circulated on social media, followed by another video of him smoking.

With the idol entangled in a series of controversies, industry insiders predict that, following a three-strike rule, there is a possibility of him being kicked out from the group soon. His exclusive contract with SM Entertainment might also be terminated.

According to the Baseball Lifestyle, the meaning of the three-strike rule is as follows:

“The three-strike rule is one of the most important rules in baseball. It states that a batter will be out if they receive three strikes. This means that if the batter receives two strikes and then a ball they will still be in the game. However if the batter receives three strikes and then they will be out.”

Fans, upon learning about the potential removal, united in expressing their views, asserting that Seunghan is not at fault and that actions like kissing, smoking, and casual conversations with fans are common. They argue that he should not be held accountable and suggest legal action against the alleged leaker of his private moments.

Some fans are also planning to send truck protest outside the idol’s agency for his removal. The idol’s fans are reacting to the latest news on social media, following industry insiders’ alleged revelation that he might be removed from the group.

Some fans also advise Seunghan to reassess his friend circle, believing that someone from within is leaking his private moments on social media, thereby damaging his reputation.

Fans continue to hope that he remains with the group and his agency takes action against the person leaking his private information.

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