Fixing Low FPS Drops in Risk of Rain Returns


Fixing Low FPS Drops in Risk of Rain Returns

News: Enhancing FPS becomes notably simple through the modification of in-game settings, effectively alleviating the strain on your computer’s hardware. Take the following steps to make these adjustments:

Optimize Your PC’s Power Settings

Maximizing your PC’s power settings proves to be another impactful method for enhancing FPS. This guarantees that your computer operates at its peak performance level. Follow these steps to customize your PC’s power settings:

Modify Game Files

Enhancing FPS can be achieved by optimizing game settings through the modification of game files. Follow these steps to adjust game files and improve performance:

Switch To Auto Settings In The Video Option

Boosting FPS is made easier by switching to auto settings in video, which automatically adjusts graphics settings according to your PC’s hardware capabilities. Follow these steps to switch to auto settings in video:

Close Unnecessary Applications

Experiencing low FPS drops can result from running too many applications in the background. To rectify this issue, close unnecessary applications by following these steps:

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Disable V-Sync

V-Sync, a graphics option that synchronizes the game’s frame rate with your monitor’s refresh rate, may occasionally lead to low FPS drops. To disable V-Sync in Risk of Rain Returns, follow these steps:

Update Graphics Drivers

Low FPS drops may stem from outdated or corrupted graphics drivers. To address this issue, update your graphics drivers by following these steps:

Check For Risk Of Rain Returns Updates

Enhancing FPS can be achieved by updating the game to the latest version, which often includes better compatibility and performance optimizations. Follow these steps to check for game updates:

Reinstall Risk Of Rain Returns

You can resolve low FPS drops by reinstalling the game to address any corrupted files. Here’s a guide to help you through the process:

Contact Support Team Of Risk Of Rain Returns

If the previous solutions haven’t resolved the issue, you can seek additional help and troubleshooting by contacting Risk of Rain Returns’ support team. Here’s how to get in touch with them:

Encountering frustrating low FPS drops in Risk of Rain Returns can be addressed through various effective methods. These include tweaking in-game settings, optimizing your PC’s power settings, adjusting game files, switching to auto settings, closing unnecessary applications, disabling V-Sync, updating graphics drivers, checking for game updates, reinstalling the game, or seeking assistance from the support team. Employing these strategies can significantly enhance your gaming experience by improving the game’s performance.


Q: What’s the timeframe needed to make adjustments to the in-game settings?

A: Tweaking the in-game settings typically requires just a few minutes.

Q: Is it possible to optimize the power settings of my laptop’s PC?

A: Absolutely, you can optimize the power settings of your laptop’s PC too.

Q: Should I reach out to the support team if none of the solutions are effective?

It’s recommended to get in touch with the support team if none of the solutions provided in the article prove effective for you.