Harry Burroughs III Obituary, Providence Animal Center Mourn A Lifelong Member – Death


Harry Burroughs III Obituary, Death – As a committed supporter of Providence Animal Center and a longtime friend, Harry Burroughs III passed away, we at Providence Animal Center are saddened by the Burroughs family’s loss. Forever eliciting compassion and caring for defenseless creatures, Mr. Burroughs has demonstrated unwavering dedication to our cause. We offer the Burroughs family our deepest sympathies as they go through this trying period. Harry’s steadfast commitment to the animals at Providence Animal Center is evidence of his empathy.

His kindness and generosity enabled us to treat the animals in our care and find them permanent homes. The loss of him is felt by the Providence family, who will always be appreciative of his positive impact on our business. We sincerely hope that, in honor of Harry Burroughs III, everyone will pause today to show their dogs a little bit extra love. By cuddling up close to them and giving them lots of love and care, we can demonstrate our appreciation for the warmth and comfort they bring into our lives.

We are doing this modest act of kindness to celebrate Harry’s lifelong commitment to the animal kingdom and his close relationship to our Providence family. Let us be glad that Harry’s acts enhanced the lives of so many animals and find solace in our common memories of him. His generosity will allow the staff at Providence Animal Center to continue doing the work he believed in so passionately. Harry Burroughs III’s legacy and spirit are preserved via the link we have with our dogs.

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