How to Resolve Issues with Fortnite Split Screen Mode


How to Resolve Issues with Fortnite Split Screen Mode

News: If you’ve attempted to engage in split-screen mode while playing Fortnite with a friend or family member, you might have faced certain challenges. Numerous players have reported encountering problems with Fortnite’s split-screen mode, leading to frustration when seeking to share the gaming experience. This article delves into the prevalent issues causing difficulties in split-screen mode and offers detailed, step-by-step guidance on resolving them.

Outdated Software

Outdated software could be a potential cause for the malfunction of Fortnite’s split-screen mode. It is essential to verify that both your game and console are running the latest versions. If updates are available, it is recommended to download and install them before continuing. This proactive approach often addresses compatibility issues that may be hindering the proper functioning of split-screen mode.

Controller Connectivity Problems

Another common factor contributing to split-screen issues is controller connectivity issues. It’s important to confirm that both controllers are appropriately connected and synced with your console. If one of the controllers is malfunctioning, attempt to reconnect it or replace the batteries. Often, a straightforward reconnection or battery replacement can effectively address the problem and restore the proper functioning of split-screen mode.

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Incorrect Display Settings

Incorrect display settings may also hinder the proper functioning of split-screen mode. Verify your console’s settings and confirm that the display settings are configured for split-screen mode. If not, adjust the settings to enable split-screen mode. This step is sometimes overlooked but can have a substantial impact on resolving the issue and ensuring the correct operation of split-screen mode.

Temporary Bugs or Glitches

Temporary bugs or glitches within the game can also be a factor in the malfunction of split-screen mode. In the most recent v27.10 update, Fortnite temporarily disabled split-screen functionality due to an issue with the ‘Ready Up’ and ‘Keep Playing Together’ buttons. Epic Games is actively investigating this problem and has assured players that they will release an update to re-enable split-screen functionality once the issue is resolved. If your split-screen is not working due to this specific issue, you’ll need to await the update to address and rectify it.

Meanwhile, if you’re eager to play Fortnite with friends and experiencing split-screen issues, consider attempting to change the matchmaking region. Occasionally, the current region you’re attempting to matchmake in may be encountering problems. Switching to a different region and trying again could potentially resolve the issue and allow you to enjoy the game with your friends.

Contact Support

If none of the previously mentioned solutions prove effective, it is advisable to reach out to Fortnite support for further assistance. They may offer additional troubleshooting steps or escalate the issue to their development team. While awaiting their response, you can also attempt to address the problem by clearing your cache, as this has been known to resolve split-screen issues. Consult your console’s settings to locate the cache-clearing option and follow the provided instructions.

It’s important to highlight that the split-screen functionality was temporarily disabled in the v27.10 update due to issues with the ‘Ready Up’ and ‘Keep Playing Together’ buttons. Epic Games is aware of this problem and is actively engaged in finding a solution. Stay tuned for updates from them regarding the re-enabling of split-screen functionality. Monitoring their announcements will keep you informed about the progress and resolution of the specific issue.

In summary, if you’re encountering difficulties with Fortnite’s split-screen mode, take the following steps: check for updates, restart your console, review display settings, confirm proper controller connectivity, clear your cache, and experiment with changing the matchmaking region. If issues persist, consider reaching out to support for additional assistance. Patience is key, especially concerning the ‘Ready Up’ and ‘Keep Playing Together’ button issue addressed by Epic Games. While awaiting a fix, explore alternative ways to enjoy the game with your friends.


Q: If updating both the game and console doesn’t resolve the problem, what steps should I take?

If the split-screen mode issue persists despite updating the game and console, it is advisable to reach out to Fortnite support for additional assistance. They might offer further troubleshooting steps to address the problem.

Q: What steps do I need to take to switch the matchmaking region?

In Fortnite, to adjust the matchmaking region, navigate to the settings menu and locate the option for changing the region or server. Choose a different region, and then attempt matchmaking once more.

Q: Can you provide an approximate timeline for when the split-screen functionality will be reactivated?

Epic Games is currently addressing the problem with the ‘Ready Up’ and ‘Keep Playing Together’ buttons. Stay tuned for updates from them regarding the restoration of split-screen functionality.