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Dive into the enchanting world of SpiritTEA, a captivating rural life simulation game where you become the manager of a spirit bathhouse. Crafted by Cheesemaster Games and published by No More Robots, this heartwarming experience, launched on November 13, 2023, welcomes players of all ages to a tranquil rural setting.

Engage in the simple pleasures of bug catching and karaoke while immersing yourself in the mystical realm of aiding friendly spirits. SpiritTEA tasks players with solving benevolent spirits’ issues, forging connections with local characters, and ensuring the bathhouse caters to its enchanted visitors.

The game’s unique blend of life simulation, management, and detective elements creates a distinctive atmosphere, promising an engaging and unforgettable gaming journey. With user-friendly controls, SpiritTEA is accessible on PC, Game Pass, and Nintendo Switch, inviting players to explore, befriend characters, and create magical memories in this warm and inviting virtual world.

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How to Upgrade the Bathhouse in SpiritTEA?

Meet Townsfolk:

Begin by meeting all 27 townsfolk in SpiritTEA.

Encounter Fae:

One of the characters you’ll come across is Fae, who operates the Carpenter’s Workshop.

Understand Bathhouse Importance:

Recognize the need to upgrade the bathhouse to provide a resting place for forgotten spirits in the town.

Spiritual Discovery:

Spend the initial in-game days discovering your spirituality and managing the bathhouse.

Visit Job Board:

Follow Wonyan’s guidance to check the job board located near the Carpenter’s Workshop.

Interact with Upgrade Bench:

Approach the upgrade bench outside Fae’s workshop.

Select Upgrade:

Choose the desired upgrade for the bathhouse and pay the required Moolags.

Review Details:

Examine the displayed blueprint detailing the cost of the upgrade and the day it will be completed.

Wait for Completion:

After requesting an upgrade, Fae will start working on it immediately.

Occupied Bathhouse:

During the upgrade period, you won’t be able to access or open the bathhouse.

Engage in Other Activities:

Utilize your in-game hours for different activities while waiting for the upgrade to finish.

Completion Day:

On the specified day, the upgrade will be completed, and you can resume operations in the improved bathhouse.

Earn Moolags:

Return to earning Moolags to fund future upgrades.

Repeat Process:

The upgrade process is cyclical, allowing you to gradually enhance the bathhouse and accommodate more spirits.

By following these steps, you’ll successfully upgrade the bathhouse in SpiritTEA, contributing to the well-being of the lost spirits in the town.

How to Find and Recruit New Bathhouse Guests?

    • Play as the caretaker of a bathhouse in SpiritTEA, aiming to recruit new spirits and quell ghostly disturbances in town.
    • Acknowledgment that the guide is a work in progress, with updates coming as new spirits are discovered.
    • Mention of another guide on SpiritTEA relationships and increasing friendship with locals.
    • Collect clues by talking to townsfolk and checking the message board.
    • Clues assist in locating and recruiting new spirits.
    • Clues stored in the Notebook for reference.
    • Some spirits become available as Spirituality level increases through bathhouse operations.
    • Quest involving Moby, the coffee shop owner.
    • Locate Moby’s spirit in the apartment complex:
      • Use Spirit Vision to interact with a ghostly figure in the bathtub.
    • Continue the guide with Sujin’s spirit quest:
      • Obtain clues from Sujin about boat vandalism around 5:30 PM.
      • Discover a secret passageway to find spirits responsible for the vandalism.
    • Initiate Young’s temple spirit quest:
      • Increase Spirituality level.
      • Investigate Young’s bell-related issue using Spirit Vision to find a hidden spirit under the bell.
      • Decide on a new home for the spirit, Kurkapi.
    • Start Bruce’s house spirit quest:
      • Talk to Bruce after reaching a specific spirituality level.
      • Clues from the bulletin board indicate ghostly activities in Bruce’s house.
      • Repair a damaged shrine to offer a new home for the spirit, Fenius.
    • Initiate Julian’s soup thief quest:
      • Triggered by talking to Sujin or reading her posting.
      • Discover a spirit stealing soup, named Wasajiji.
      • Find the recipe, cook Julian’s family soup, and locate the spirit.
    • Completing the outlined steps marks quests as complete in the Notebook.
    • Contributes to overall progression in SpiritTEA’s captivating world.

SpiritTEA Bathhouse Guide

In SpiritTEA, as the bathhouse caretaker, recruiting new spirits is crucial for town harmony. This guide, a work in progress, unveils steps to find and recruit bathhouse guests:

    • Talk to townsfolk and check the message board for clues on spirits’ whereabouts.
    • Engage in Moby’s quest by locating his spirit in the apartment complex using Spirit Vision.
    • Continue with Sujin’s quest, investigating boat vandalism and discovering a secret passageway.
    • Increase Spirituality level, investigate Young’s bell issue, and find a new home for Kurkapi.
    • Start Bruce’s quest, repairing a shrine to offer Fenius a new home.
    • Initiate Julian’s quest, finding the soup thief Wasajiji and cooking Julian’s family soup.

Completing these quests marks progress, enhancing the bathhouse’s role in SpiritTEA’s mystical world.

SpiritTEA System Requirements





Windows 7 or later

Windows 10


2 GHz

2 GHz





NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 or equivalent

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or equivalent or higher

SpiritTEA Gameplay

Embark on a charming adventure in SpiritTEA, a delightful rural life simulation game released on November 13, 2023, by Cheesemaster Games and published by No More Robots. This enchanting experience revolves around managing a spirit bathhouse, where players solve problems for friendly spirits, build connections with locals, and cater to the needs of mystical visitors.

SpiritTEA’s unique blend of life simulation, management, and detective elements ensures a dynamic and intriguing adventure. The main goal is to upgrade your bathhouse, attracting a variety of spirits, including elusive Lord Spirits, and enhancing the overall charm of the in-game world.

Accessible controls make SpiritTEA available on PC, Game Pass, and Nintendo Switch, offering players of all ages a captivating and heartwarming journey as they uncover mysteries and befriend spirits in this whimsical universe. Immerse yourself in the magic of SpiritTEA for an unforgettable experience in this fantastical world.

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