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Yes, Bresha Webb, the star of “Run the World,” is pregnant and expecting her first child with husband Nick Jones Jr. this spring. Webb, who froze her eggs five years ago, was pleasantly surprised by the pregnancy and shared the exciting news through a Clearblue digital test.

The couple is eagerly anticipating the arrival of their baby and is planning a unique “wig gender reveal party.” Webb expresses gratitude for a smooth pregnancy, sharing her excitement about becoming a mother and reflecting on the joyous journey ahead.

The announcement also highlights Webb’s involvement with Clearblue’s partner, March of Dimes, in raising awareness for Black maternal and infant health.

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Who is Bresha Webb Husband?

Bresha Webb is married to Nick Jones Jr., a TV writer. They tied the knot on February 4, 2023, at The Beverly Hills Hotel in California. The couple’s wedding was described as an “old Hollywood glam” themed event and was attended by various stars.

Bresha Webb and Nick Jones Jr. got engaged over a holiday weekend, and their love story has been featured in the media. They are now expecting a child together, as announced by Bresha Webb herself.

Bresha Webb and Nick Jones Jr. Relationship

Bresha Webb and Nick Jones Jr.’s relationship is a public love story that began with their engagement in 2022 and culminated in their wedding in February 2023. They met through mutual friends in the entertainment industry, bonding over shared interests in storytelling and the arts.

Their love is characterized by unwavering support, common passions, and a deep emotional connection. The couple, who celebrated their marriage in a glamorous ceremony at the Beverly Hills Hotel, continues to encourage each other’s personal and professional growth. Their story highlights the importance of a genuine connection and mutual support in a relationship.

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