Is Hellen Muthoni Leaving Inooro TV? Why is Hellen Muthoni Leaving Inooro TV? Where is Hellen Muthoni Going After Leaving Inooro TV? – News


In a mix of happy and nostalgic feelings, Hellen Muthoni from Inooro TV said goodbye to her role as the host of the beloved Sunday show, ‘Rurumuka.’ This ends her seven-year journey, surprising her loyal viewers who love the Sunday morning tradition she made.

Hellen happily announced the news, saying, “Good morning! I’m pleased to be hosting #Rurumuka for the last time!” She also enjoyed working with DJ Covenant and wished him more opportunities.

The news surprised her fans, and Hellen received kind messages from her colleagues at Inooro TV and Ramogi TV. DJ Covenant, her friend on Rurumuka since 2016, praised her as a wonderful host whose work improved the show.

The news of Hellen leaving touched her fans deeply, and they went online to say thanks for seven years of Sunday morning inspiration.

In her goodbye, Hellen kept her next move a secret, making her fans curious about her plans. Viewers shared messages, talking about how Hellen influenced their Sunday routines. People felt thankful for her positive presence and sad as the familiar face on the screens took its final bow.

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Who is Hellen Muthoni?

Hellen Muthoni is a well-known figure in Kenya, serving as both a TV presenter and a gospel singer. For seven years, she anchored the Kikuyu gospel morning show, “Rurumuka,” on Inooro TV. Recently, she left the show, creating a buzz among her colleagues and fans.

Beyond her TV role, Hellen is a worship leader and a committed born-again Christian. Her departure from “Rurumuka” earned her warm tributes from colleagues at Inooro TV and Ramogi TV.

In Kenya, Hellen Muthoni is recognized for her contributions as a born-again Christian, worship leader, and presenter at Royal Media Services’ Inooro TV. She actively engages with her audience on social media platforms like Instagram, where she has a substantial following. Hellen also shares videos on her YouTube channel and interacts with her audience on platforms like TikTok.

Where is Hellen Muthoni Going After Leaving Inooro TV?

As Hellen Muthoni bids farewell to her role as the host of the beloved Sunday program, “Rurumuka,” on Inooro TV, she has chosen to keep her next steps a secret, leaving her fans curious about her plans. Despite the emotional goodbye after a seven-year journey, Muthoni has not revealed her current location or her new workplace.

Since she took over as the host in 2016, Muthoni has become a familiar and recognized face among viewers. While emphasizing the amicable nature of her departure from Royal Media Services, she expressed gratitude for the enriching experiences and lasting friendships cultivated during her time there.

Despite closing this chapter, the burning question on everyone’s mind is: What comes next for Hellen Muthoni? Her departure has left fans eagerly awaiting the unveiling of her upcoming ventures, reassuring them that she remains connected to the station that became a significant part of her journey.

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