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No, Marlene Benitez is not dead. There were rumors on TikTok claiming her death after her account was deleted, but these rumors are not true. The speculation gained traction with phrases like “Marlene Benitez dead,” accompanied by a video suggesting a car crash as her last moments. However, Marlene herself confirmed that she is alive through her Instagram account, where she also sought support in recovering her deleted TikTok account. 

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Who is Marlene Benitez?

Marlene Benitez is a social media personality, particularly known for her presence on TikTok and Instagram. Hailing from Venezuela, she has gained popularity for her content on various topics, including entertainment, lifestyle, and opinions. With over two million followers on Instagram, Marlene often shares glimpses of her life and engages with her audience.

However, she recently faced controversy after expressing strong views about Veterans Day, leading to backlash and a petition calling for the deletion of her social media accounts. Despite false rumors circulating on TikTok about her death, Marlene Benitez is alive and has addressed the situation on her official Instagram account, where she continues to connect with her followers.

Marlene Benitez Career

Marlene Benitez is a Venezuelan social media influencer known for her career on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. She gained popularity for creating engaging content that resonated with a large audience, amassing over two million followers on her Instagram account. Benitez is recognized for her vibrant personality and diverse content, covering topics such as lifestyle, travel, and entertainment.

What Happened To Marlene Benitez?

Marlene Benitez faced false death rumors on TikTok after her account was deleted due to controversy over Veterans Day comments. Contrary to the rumors, she is alive and addressed the situation on Instagram, seeking support to recover her TikTok account. The controversy arose from a video where she criticized Veterans Day, leading to a petition for the removal of her social media accounts, which gained traction despite her subsequent apology.

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