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Yes, Niall Matter is married to Sara, and they have been together since 2016. The couple, known for their private nature, shares two children. Niall, a 43-year-old Canadian-American actor, has gained prominence for his roles in series like “The Best Years,” “Eureka,” and “Primeval: New World,” making him a familiar face on the Hallmark Channel.

Despite his public career, the details of his personal life, especially his marriage to Sara, are kept low-key. Niall occasionally shares insights into their relationship on Twitter. However, the couple prefers to maintain a level of privacy, with limited public visibility of their family life.

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Who is Niall Matter Married To?

Niall Matter is happily married to Sara, and they have shared their lives since 2016, creating a family that includes two children. The 43-year-old actor, renowned for his roles in series like “The Best Years,” “Eureka,” and “Primeval: New World,” has become a beloved figure on the Hallmark Channel.

Despite the public nature of his career, Niall and Sara maintain a private personal life, refraining from sharing photos of their family publicly. Niall occasionally provides glimpses into his relationship with Sara through heartfelt tweets. This dedicated engagement with fans adds a touch of authenticity to the actor’s public image, underscoring his genuine and down-to-earth persona.

Who is Niall Matter? 

Niall Matter, born on October 20, 1980, is a Canadian-American actor. His journey into acting took a unique turn after recovering from a serious accident while working on an oil rig. In 2007, he secured a breakthrough role in the teen drama “The Best Years” and, later that year, joined the cast of “Eureka” as the bad-boy genius Zane Donovan.

Matter expanded his repertoire with a supporting role in Zack Snyder’s 2009 film “Watchmen.” Transitioning from science fiction, he starred as Evan Cross in the short-lived 2012 series “Primeval: New World.” His career continued to evolve beyond the sci-fi genre, leading him to feature in television movies and join popular Canadian series like “Remedy,” “Arctic Air,” and “When Calls the Heart.” Niall Matter’s resilience and talent have propelled him through diverse roles in the entertainment industry.


Niall Matter


October 20, 1980 (age 43)

Place of Birth

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Canadian, American




Sara Bradley (married in 2016)



Niall Matter Age

As of 2023, He is 43 years old. Niall Matter, born in Edmonton, Alberta, to Irish and Russian parents, spent his formative years on his family’s dairy farm. Growing up in a lineage of oil riggers, he worked on Northern Alberta’s oil rigs for eight years. Despite a rocky period at age 17, he found direction through a three-month stint on the oil rigs with his grandfather after a teacher recommended drama classes when he was thirteen.

Juggling oil rig work with studies, he moved to Vancouver, attending Vancouver Film School to pursue his acting aspirations. At 25, a near-fatal accident on the oil rigs left him with a detached quad muscle and a precarious leg injury, requiring six months of rehabilitation. Witnessing another life-altering accident prompted him to quit the rigs, returning to Vancouver. There, he maneuvered his way into bartending before breaking into acting, marking a transformative chapter in his life.

Niall Matter Career

Niall Matter embarked on his acting career in 2007, clinching his first major role as bait shop owner Josh Riley in the Syfy film “Loch Ness Terror.” Subsequently, he secured a main cast role in the teen drama “The Best Years” and guest-starred in Syfy’s “Stargate Atlantis.”

Matter’s breakthrough came with the Syfy series “Eureka,” where he initially auditioned for a one-episode role but skillfully portrayed bad boy genius Zane Donovan, earning a recurring role that spanned several seasons.

Diversifying his roles, Matter appeared in various TV shows, including “Motive,” “Constantine,” and “Rizzoli and Isles.” He gained recognition for his lead role in the science fiction series “Primeval: New World,” earning accolades such as a Constellation Award. His career continued to flourish with appearances in Hallmark Channel movies like “Stop the Wedding” and “Finding Father Christmas,” the latter becoming the network’s most-watched premiere at the time.

Niall Matter Net Worth

Canadian-American actor Niall Matter boasts a net worth of $4 million. Born in Edmonton, Alberta, in October 1980, Matter hails from a family deeply rooted in the oil industry, working as a third-generation oil rigger for eight years in Northern Alberta.

His trajectory took a turn at 25 when a severe rig accident led to a harrowing hospitalization, nearly costing him his right leg. Enduring six months of rehabilitation, he bravely returned to rig work. However, a traumatic incident, witnessing a fellow worker lose both legs, prompted his decision to exit the oil industry.

Returning to Vancouver, Matter took up bartending while pursuing his passion for acting. This resilient journey laid the foundation for his successful career in the entertainment world.

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