Jenna Bush Hager, Barbara Pierce Bush Throwback Photos


Happy Birthday, Jenna and Barbara Bush!

The twin sisters and former first daughters were born on Nov. 25, 1981, to former president George W. Bush and former FLOTUS, Laura Bush. In the years since, they’ve both gone on to successful careers, and welcomed children of their own: Jenna three children with husband Henry Hager, and Barbara one daughter with husband Craig Coyne.

“I think we like all the same things. We want to laugh. We want to find joy in life and whenever I feel kind of down, Barbara’s who I call,” Jenna said of the sisters’ bond during a 2022 chat on Today. “She’s joyful, she’s fun to be around.”

“But also, our parents did something right,” Jenna continued. “They made us make sure that we support each other and not compare ourselves to each other.”

Added Barbara, “We are different in many ways, our temperaments are different, but as Jenna says, we love the same things so it’s great to be around each other so it’s only additive in our lives”

Here, on their 42nd birthdays, look back on some of the Bush twins’ cutest throwback photos.

Sisters Who Nap Together

George W. Bush, Laura Bush and daughters Jenna and Barbara.
Courtesy Bush Family

The sisters don matching pink dresses for a 1981 photo op.

Two Peas in a Pod

Barbara and Jenna Bush as babies.
Jenna Bush Hager/Instagram

Whether they’re sleeping or wide awake, they’re always there for each other.

Racing Around

Jenna and Barbara Bush as toddlers.
Jenna Bush Hager/Instagram

The pair even wrote a book together, Sisters First, which details all of their adventures as twins. They then turned that best-selling memoir into a children’s book!

Seeing Double

Jenna and Barbara Bush as toddlers.
Courtesy Bush Family

If you don’t dress your twins in matching outfits, do you even have twins?

Bedtime Story

Barbara and Jenna Bush with mom Laura.
Jenna Bush Hager/Instagram

Looking cozy with their mom, Laura.

Say Cheese!

Barbara and Jenna Bush with mom Laura.
Jenna Bush Hager/Instagram

Jenna wrote of her sister, “She’s always made me feel more courageous. And funny. No one laughs at my jokes like she does.”

Christmas with Family

George H.W. Bush with his grandchildren.
Susan Biddle/White House/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty

The girls flank their grandpa, George H.W. Bush, listening as he reads his grandchildren a story.

Dinner at the White House

Barbara and Jenna Bush in the White House.
George Bush Presidential Library

Imagine just casually being scolded to eat your broccoli in the White House dining room.

Sunday Best

Former President George H. W. Bush with his grandchildren in 1990.
Doug Mills/AP/REX/Shutterstock

The girls in 1990, pictured here outside St. Ann’s Episcopal Church on in Kennebunkport, Maine, with their grandpa.

Gone Fishin’

Barbara and Jenna Bush with George H.W. Bush.
George Bush Presidential Library

What’s that saying? You can teach the Bush Twins how to fish …

Christmas with the Grandparents

Barbara and Jenna Bush with George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush.
George Bush Presidential Library and Museum

Good to know that we all went through an awkward stage!

All-American Girls

George W. Bush and Laura Bush with daughters Barbara and Jenna.

What better outfits for the First Kids of the United States?

Down by the Sea

Barbara and Jenna Bush with mom Laura.
Jenna Bush Hager/Instagram

Barbara and Jenna pose for a photo by the sea with their mom.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Jenna and Barbara Bush with dad George.
Jenna Bush Hager/Instagram

The girls attend a Texas Rangers baseball game with their dad.

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