Jerry Clark Obituary, Lawrence KS, Jerry Passed Away Peacefully On November 9, 2023


Jerry Clark Obituary, Death – The Lawrence community is grieving the loss of Jerry James Clark, a much-loved individual whose life touched many. After 60 years on this planet, Jerry passed away peacefully on November 9, 2023. His legacy of optimism, generosity, and perseverance will live on in the memories of those who were lucky enough to know him. Jerry James Clark, a shining example of love and kindness born in Lawrence, Kansas on March 8, 1963, entered this world. Jerry was an inspiration to all who knew him because of his selfless dedication to helping others and his boundless generosity.

Jerry was a beloved and active part of the Lawrence community, and his influence reached well beyond his immediate circle of friends and family. He was beloved and respected by many for his selfless commitment to volunteering and community service. His altruistic dedication to numerous humanitarian initiatives made a lasting impact on the lives of individuals who were less fortunate. Jerry was a man of many talents and resolute will, and his career pursuits reflected his enthusiasm for life. He was highly regarded by his colleagues and peers for his exceptional performance in his career.

He had an unmatched work ethic and was incredibly resilient, which showed in his professional accomplishments. Still, Jerry’s deep love for his family was the defining characteristic of his life, much more so than his achievements. His presence shone a light on the lives of everyone closest to him; he was a committed spouse, kind parent, and beloved friend. Strong foundations were laid by his humor, insight, and unfailing love, which strengthened relationships that will last a lifetime.

The loss of Jerry James Clark is devastating to the people of Lawrence. All those lucky enough to have crossed paths with him, as well as his loved ones, will hold his memory dear. Generations to follow will be guided by his example of kindness, dedication, and unfaltering optimism, which will motivate them to do good deeds. A tribute to a life well-lived and a heart that touched many others, his influence and the love he shared will endure long after he has departed this planet.

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