Jhené Aiko’s 2 Kids: Everything to Know


Jhené Aiko is a mom of two!

The “Sunshine” singer welcomed her son, Noah Hasani, with longtime love Big Sean in November 2022. Noah joins Aiko’s 15-year-old daughter, Namiko Love, whom she shares with ex O’Ryan.

Motherhood is Aiko’s primary motivator, as she explained to CR Fashion Book in May 2017.

“My family are the driving force behind everything that I do,” she told the outlet. “I would describe myself as a mother, lover, writer and singer, but always a mother first.”

Here’s everything to know about Jhené Aiko’s daughter, Namiko, and son, Noah.

Namiko Love, 15

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Aiko welcomed her first child, a daughter named Namiko Love (who goes by the nickname “Nami”), with singer O’Ryan on Nov. 19, 2008.

While Aiko has rarely spoken about her past relationship with O’Ryan, who is the younger brother of R&B star Omarion, she opened up about being a single mom to CR Fashion Book in 2017, saying, “I’m not with my daughter’s father, but I’m lucky that I have a large and supportive family who are loving and caring for my baby every day when I’m traveling on tour or away.”

Aiko also discussed her unexpected journey to motherhood, telling the outlet, “I never intended to have a baby so young. But as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I was overwhelmed with a new focus and drive. I knew I didn’t want a regular job. I wanted to provide a life for me and my daughter that was beyond myself.”

She added that welcoming her daughter “made me focus and connect with who I was and who I wanted to be,” prompting her to record her first mixtape while pregnant and sign a record deal with Def Jam.

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After separating from O’Ryan, Aiko married Oladipo Omishore, known musically as Dot da Genius, in 2014; the couple filed for divorce in 2016. That same year, she was linked romantically to Big Sean for the first time.

In 2013, Aiko and Nami were involved in a car accident, which the singer later reenacted in a 2015 music video for her song “Eternal Sunshine.” In the video, Nami portrays a younger version of Aiko, as she explained to Billboard.

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In May 2022, Aiko opened up about her experience with postpartum depression, telling PEOPLE, “​​I had a child at 20 and definitely dealt with some postpartum depression and then two years after she was born, my brother passed and I definitely dealt with depression and self-medicating.”

Later diagnosed with anxiety, Aiko realized that she wanted to get better not only for herself but to set an example for her daughter.

“As she gets older, it becomes even more important for me to be well. I see her going through a lot of the same things I went through when I was her age and I let her know, it’s taken me 34 years to really learn certain techniques when I’m feeling anxious or angry,” she said, adding that she tries to patiently share those with Nami. “And yeah, it’s a journey.”

Just 11 days after giving birth to her second child, son Noah, Aiko celebrated Nami’s 14th birthday.

“Happy Birthday Namiko! 🥰 the most beautifulest girl in the world 😍 you’re the coolest person i know 😎 my animal loving, actress, anime expert, rockstar, skater girl, artist… i’m so proud of everything you are 🥲 you may be 14 today, but you will always be my baby 🥹i love you!!! 💙,” she wrote on Instagram.

Big Sean also paid tribute to the teenager on his Instagram.

“Love you Nami! You’re one of the smartest, coolest people on 🌎,” he captioned a photo of him, Namiko and her newborn brother, Noah. “My anime plug and newly big sis! This world is a much better place with you in it! Big 14!”

Noah Hasani, 1

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Aiko and Big Sean’s son, Noah Hasani, arrived on Nov. 8, 2022.

“after 24 hours of labor, a total lunar eclipse, and while it was pouring rain… he came 🥹 my baby Yoda, my Sani,” the “Bed Peace” singer wrote on Instagram.

In July 2022, PEOPLE confirmed that Aiko was expecting a baby with Big Sean. “The couple is overjoyed and looks forward to this next chapter,” Aiko’s rep said. The pair later revealed the sex of their unborn baby during a performance in Los Angeles.

The artists first met in 2012 and developed a close friendship, collaborating on several songs together before releasing a joint album, Twenty88, in 2016. While doing publicity for the album, the pair’s chemistry became apparent, with the rapper telling Billboard, “I love her and I know she loves me.” They have dated on and off in the years since.

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Ahead of their little one’s arrival, Big Sean and Aiko took a trip to the rapper’s hometown of Detroit to visit some special places from his childhood, snapping a handful of photos along the way.

“I got a chance to show Jhené our family my roots (my old house, grandma’s house, high school etc in Detroit) and connect the past with the future in a sense,” he captioned the shots on Instagram. “Can’t wait for our lil one to get here n see this.”

In November 2023, Aiko and Big Sean celebrated Noah’s first birthday with a trip to the aquarium.

“Daddy so proud n grateful for you Son!” the rapper captioned photos on Instagram from the family outing. “We celebrating all week! Noah’s Big 1!”

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