Kevin Hart’s 4 Kids: Everything to Know


Kevin Hart has a busy career and home life.

When he’s not selling out comedy shows or starring in blockbuster movies, the Ride Along actor is at home spending time with his wife and four children. Hart shares his older children, daughter Heaven, 18, and son Hendrix, 16, with his ex-wife Torrei Hart. After divorcing Torrei in 2011, Hart married his now-wife Eniko Hart. They went on to welcome son Kenzo, 6, and daughter Kaori, 3.

Although having four kids (and a couple of dogs) at home can make the house feel “loud,” the comedian wouldn’t have it any other way.

“We’re in love with being parents, we’re in love with all the little ones that we have now. I mean, we got teenagers and two toddlers, man. It’s the perfect separation of age,” he shared in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “It’s the perfect household. It’s everything that you would think it is plus more.”

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Due to the demands of his multi-faceted career, Hart admittedly missed out on quality family time in the past. However, the COVID-19 pandemic allowed him to “truly tap into fatherhood.”

“Because of my job, I’ve never been home for this many weeks — or weeks, period,” he told PEOPLE in January 2021. “Never have I been able to eat dinner with my family and talk to my family as much as I’ve been able to through the course of this pandemic.”

He added the experience made him realize “some of the things that I missed, some of the things that I didn’t put as much value on that I probably should.”

Another perspective-changing moment came after his 2019 car accident, in which he suffered major back injuries and endured a long recovery process. In a later interview with Men’s Health, Hart shared that he has been more focused on spending time with his kids since the accident.

“Honestly, there’s a lot that I wasn’t doing,” he told the outlet. “Now I’m doing a lot of little things that are important. I’m sitting with the kids before and after dinner. We are doing Taco Tuesdays, Mexican-food Thursdays, Chinese-food Sundays. We got movie night twice a week. Now I’m walking my f—— dog. I’m picking up dog s—.”

The dad of four frequently shares those “little things” and various sweet moments with his kids on his Instagram, as well plenty of family photos.

Here’s what to know about Kevin Hart’s four children, Heaven, Hendrix, Kenzo and Kaori.

Heaven Leigh Hart, 18

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Hart welcomed his first child with ex-wife Torrei on March 22, 2005.

Heaven seems to have inherited her dad’s sense of “silly” and she dreams of following in his footsteps, although Hart made her wait until she was 18 to pursue comedy.

“My daughter wants to be an entertainer so bad, I’m just holding her back til she’s 18,” Hart said of Heaven in 2016. “I made a daddy decision to hold her back til she’s of age and then we can pursue whatever dream we want.”

While waiting for the opportunity, Heaven practiced her comedy skills on her dad. “My daughter [Heaven] makes me laugh daily, because she thinks she’s ultra cool. She’ll text and call me ‘G’ and ‘Old raggedy back Jack’ because I hurt my back. That always makes me laugh,” Hart told PEOPLE in August 2022.

After getting a few lessons from her dad, Heaven passed her driving test in 2021, which Hart celebrated on Instagram. Alongside a selfie of the father-daughter duo driving in the car, he wrote, “My little girl is growing up.” As a surprise for her 16th birthday, the comedian gifted his daughter a Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV.

In February 2022, Hart told Ellen DeGeneres that Heaven wanted to go to college out of state. “I’ve been trying to manipulate her like, ‘Maybe you need a place here in L.A. ’cause the schools here are just better,’ ” he joked. “She’s talking about New York.”

He added, “I love that she’s growing up, that’s my best friend, my heart. And it’s a little emotional. I see myself realizing that that time is coming for her to leave the house and I don’t like it.”

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Their father-daughter relationship also includes holding each other accountable. On a Father’s Day episode of Red Table Talk, Hart opened up to host Will Smith about his daughter’s reaction to his cheating scandal. The comedian admitted that the teen “was tough” on him.

“It’s very hard to bother me, but when your child shows disappointment, shows emotion, shows ‘I don’t understand why,’ and you’ve gotta have those conversations, well, now the head drops for the first time,” he said. “And now you’ve realized that there’s a different emotional chord that can be pulled on you that nobody else has the privilege of ever touching.”

Hart continued: “And my daughter touched on that chord, man, you know, when me and my wife went through what we went through, and the whole cheating display … my talk with Heaven. Goddamn. Goddamn, that was one like no other. Getting my daughter back. Getting my daughter to understand that I was sorry, that I made a mistake. … That was real.”

Kevin Hart and daughter Heaven.
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In May 2023, Hart proved that his oldest is all grown up by sharing photos of Heaven in her prom dress. In one photo, the teen posed in a green gown while her dad smiled in shorts and a T-shirt.

“I have no words…just pure joy,” the actor wrote in the caption. “My little girl looked unbelievable yesterday. Where does the time go.”

Later that month, Heaven graduated from high school.

“I am so proud of my little girl. Dream big damn it!!!!!” Hart captioned a series of photos from his daughter’s graduation party.

Kevin Hart with his kids, dropping off Heaven Hart at college.

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In August, Hart posted a sweet message on Instagram dedicated to Heaven, whom he appeared to have just dropped off for her first semester of college.

“I’m not crying [you’re] crying,” Hart captioned a picture of himself with three of his children in what looked to be a college dorm room. “So proud of my daughter….I can’t even say little girl anymore because you have blossomed into the most amazing young woman ever!!!!!”

He added: “My baby girl is off to college…. I cried in the car!!!!”

Hendrix Hart, 16

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Hart and Torrei’s son, Hendrix Hart, was born on Nov. 8, 2007. Over the years, Hendrix had been a longtime fixture in the Jumanji actor’s stand-up routines.

Hart calls his son his “best friend” and even had the then-8-year-old serve as his best man at his wedding to Eniko in 2016.

To celebrate the teen’s birthday in 2021, Hart took him to a Los Angeles Lakers game. After the game, Hendrix received some epic gifts from the NBA players, including sneakers from stars Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony, as well as a jersey from Anthony Davis.

The comedian also beamed with pride as he congratulated Hendrix on his eighth-grade graduation.

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“The flyest/coolest kid that I know… I’m so proud of you son,” he wrote alongside a picture of Hendrix wearing a suit against a backdrop of balloons. “Congrats on conquering this stage of life … so many stages left to go … at this rate and pace u are poised and positioned to conquer them all. Love you champ … u make ur father proud daily!!!!!”

Kenzo Kash Hart, 6

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Hart and Eniko welcomed their first child together, Kenzo Kash Hart, on Nov. 21, 2017. The proud dad announced the news on Twitter, writing, “God is truly amazing … Kenzo Kash Hart was born at 1:45am. He is healthy & already smiling. Thank you all for your prayers!!!! We love & appreciate ya #Harts.”

On his 3rd birthday in 2020, Hart gave his younger son a shout-out on Instagram and shared some of Kenzo’s nicknames.

“Happy B Day to the coolest 3yr old on the planet,” Hart wrote. “Daddy & Mommy love you to death Zo Aka Bear Aka Hot feet Aka Heavy head aka pitter pater aka prince Zo aka Little Burger King because you have to have it your way.”

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The Philadelphia native has passed his love for the Philadelphia Eagles onto his kids, especially Kenzo. On Jan. 29, 2023, Kenzo accompanied his dad and older siblings, Heaven and Hendrix, to the Eagles game against the San Francisco 49ers, which they ultimately won — earning the team a spot in the 2023 Super Bowl.

Hart posted photos from their seats on Instagram and in them, Kenzo is beaming while sporting a Reggie White jersey. A few days later, after the Eagles lost the Super Bowl to the Kansas City Chiefs, Hart posted a video of himself FaceTiming a tearful Kenzo. In the video, Kenzo can be heard saying, “But I’m still sad a little bit,” to which Hart responds: “Daddy is sad too, but you know what Zo? We’re Eagles fans. We’re Eagles fans till we die.”

He captioned the adorable video, “We are Hurting in the Hart Household 😩 ….Still love my city and my team!!!!! Thank you for an amazing season 🦅….. We will be back next year!!!!!! My little man was crushed.”

Kaori Mai Hart, 3

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Kaori Mai Hart, Hart and Eniko’s daughter, was born on Sept. 29, 2020. The mom of two shared the news on social media, calling her newest addition “a little bit of heaven sent down to earth.”

During an interview with Extra, Hart opened up about the birth of his fourth child and shared that he was trying to “not be the jaded dad.”

“This is baby No. 4. In the delivery room, do you cry? No. You’ve seen it, you know the routine,” he said, joking, “I’m taking the stuff out the doctor’s hands — ‘Give it to me, let me cut the umbilical cord. Put her under the heat lamp, I got it,’ ” he continued. “Once you get home and you really get a look at everybody together, that’s when it sets in … When you look and you go, ‘Wow, we’re a family of six. When you throw the dogs in, it’s eight.’ For me, it’s [about] creating and building a legacy within my family that lives with or without me.”

The Harts celebrated Kaori’s 1st birthday with a pink-themed bash, and it seems their youngest is already under her dad’s influence.

On The Ellen DeGeneres Show in February 2022, Hart revealed that Kaori recently started speaking and had already picked up some of his “bad habits.”

“She’s got a couple words she’s put together. First of all, dada. Dada was the first one even if it wasn’t, I would say it was,” he shared. “And s—. She said s— … I’m not celebrating it. I’m not saying it because I’m proud, but yeah s— is a good one.” The comedian added, “We’ve been spending a lot of time together and my baby’s picked up some bad habits. She’ll be okay, it’s fine.”

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Kaori is also learning how to FaceTime her dad while he is away for work, although she hasn’t quite mastered it yet.

“My daughter Ori makes me laugh daily,” Hart told PEOPLE in July 2022. “She’s talking a little bit now, but her new thing on FaceTime is she doesn’t know how to hold the phone out so you can see … so she just walks with it.”

He continued, “It’s all over the place. It genuinely makes me laugh — her inability to just look at the phone — but she’ll run with it, she’ll want to show you stuff, but she doesn’t know that she’s not showing you.”

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