Love Is Blind’s Bliss and Zack Are Expecting First Baby (Exclusive)


Love Is Blind’s Bliss Poureetezadi-Goytowski and Zack Goytowski are closing out 2023 with some big news: they’re having a baby!

The couple, who met and got married on season 4 of the Netflix hit, are expecting their first baby together, PEOPLE can exclusively confirm. The news marks the first public pregnancy announcement to come from a couple who tied the knot on Love Is Blind.

“It’s a little bit nerve-wracking, but I think it’s also such a beautiful thing,” Bliss tells PEOPLE of welcoming their first baby in spring 2024. “Babies are miracles and blessings, and I think we’ve been so open to sharing our journey and our relationship with the world, and this is our next big beautiful thing. I’m really happy and I hope that it brings joy to other people. It’s definitely brought us a ton of joy.”

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Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi Goytowski with the ultrasound of their first child, who is due in spring 2024.

Kelly Lemon Photography

Bliss learned of her pregnancy a few months ago, but the couple says the way she revealed the news didn’t exactly go to plan.

“We planned this. We had actively been trying, but it was definitely a surprise,” Bliss shares. “I had felt a little queasy … and I took the test by myself because I wanted to surprise Zack whenever it was [confirmed]. I found out early in the morning while Zack was sleeping and it was shocking. It was like, does that really say positive? What is happening? It was definitely probably one of the most surreal moments of my life.”

“I was actually leaving for a trip and so I needed to tell Zack that day,” she continues. “I had wanted to do this big thing and make this big surprise out of it and buy all this stuff that said ‘Daddy’, but I didn’t have time to do all of that. So I bought a cake and I put ‘I Love You Dad’ on it. It was a really sweet moment and he was confused at first.”

Zack, however, remembers the moment a bit differently. As it turned out, the day Bliss found out the pregnancy news also fell on her mom’s birthday.

“She told me her mother sent us a cake for her birthday,” Zack recalls. “I believe that, right? That is actually something she would do … So Bliss is like, ‘Open up the cake,’ and I read it and it says, ‘I Love You, Dad.’ And I’m like, ‘What? Why is your mom calling me that?'”

After getting past his initial confusion and putting the pieces together, Bliss says she and Zack shared “a really special moment.”

“There were tears that came to his eyes and it was a very happy moment,” she recalls as Zack adds, “I was incredibly happy. We both really wanted this and so we just felt really blessed that we were able to have this happen.”

Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi Goytowski during their pregnancy photoshoot.

Kelly Lemon Photography

Since that day, Bliss has been feeling “grateful that my body is able to grow a baby,” though she’s experienced some morning sickness and fatigue, and has been “craving a lot of green, crisp vegetables, [and] citrus.”

Zack, meanwhile, has “been very, very, very sweet and very loving,” when it comes to helping her deal with her pregnancy symptoms — even avoiding garlic after she had an “aversion” to it and taking frequent trips to Whole Foods to buy her grapefruits. “It’s been wonderful to go through this together and to really have his support,” Bliss notes of her husband.

As for how she’s feeling these days? Bliss says she’s “embracing” every moment of pregnancy.

“I am feeling really good and happy,” she explains. “It’s definitely really crazy, surreal. Pregnancy is a wild journey of emotions and physical changes, but we’re excited for the end result.”

While they don’t know the sex of their baby on the way just yet, the couple says they plan to find out in a few months. “We’re going to do a little gender reveal in the next couple of months,” Bliss says. “So we’re excited to find out.”

“I think we both eventually want a boy and a girl — that’d be wonderful to have both,” she adds. “But the top priority is just having a healthy baby and whatever gender it is, it will be very loved.”

Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi Goytowski showing off the ultrasound of their first child.

Kelly Lemon Photography

Bliss also says she is going with the flow when it comes to giving birth. “I think the plan is no plan. I think I’m going to have to see how I feel in the moment and just kind of go with that,” she says. “I’m really trying to go into this with no expectations, except that I want it to be as peaceful and calm as it can be.”

Until their little one arrives, the two are daydreaming about the moment they’ll finally get to meet their “beautiful blessing” for the first time.

“I think for me, I’m excited to see them learn and explore the world,” Bliss says. “And hopefully if we do things right, to see what they can contribute and how they can make the world a better place. I think that’s one of the most powerful things we can do as human beings and I really hope that for our child. And I just can’t wait to kiss its cheeks and its little toes and just give it love. And I’m excited to see it experience love and life and all of that.”

Adds Zack: “I think what I really hope most for our child is just that they live a happy life and they bring happiness and joy into the world. And like Bliss said, we can raise them to be someone who makes the world a better place.”

“No matter what we do as parents, we’re never going to do everything right,” he notes. “I’m going to make tons of mistakes … but I think the only thing that really matters is that I make our child know that I love them and that I believe that they can do whatever they set their mind to.”

Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi Goytowski during their pregnancy photoshoot.

Kelly Lemon Photography

The parents-to-be also recognize that as their child gets older, they’ll have something that not every kid will have: the opportunity to see their parents’ beginnings on a reality show.

While some might find that embarrassing, Zack and Bliss feel it’s “beautiful” that their child can go back and revisit their love story’s origins.

“We do talk about how our child is going to one day have to tell their friends the story of how their parents met, and they definitely will have a very interesting story to share. I think it’s really beautiful that they’ll be able to see their beginnings,” Bliss says of allowing their child to watch Love Is Blind one day. “And yes, our story wasn’t a straight line, but I think that’s also important for them to know that sometimes things aren’t a straight line and people make mistakes and you can be redeemed and you can correct them.”

“And life is a journey and it’s not always perfect,” she continues. “So, I think it’s a beautiful thing for our child to one day see when they’re old enough. There’s certain parts that are inappropriate, I think, for children. But I don’t think it’s something that we’re going to hide from them. We probably couldn’t, even if we wanted to!”

As for if their child actually wants to go on Love Is Blind one day?

“I would actually encourage them if they wanted to do that, to do it,” Zack says. “And I think the reason is because you just never know what’s going to happen and I would encourage my child to not play it safe. To go and do the things that scare you because life is short. We only have so much time on this earth, so go after your dreams.”

Love Is Blind seasons 1-5 are now streaming on Netflix.

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