Mitch Olson: A Life Well-Lived


Mitch Olson: A Life Well-Lived

News: Mitch Olson, a cherished figure, led a remarkable life marked by unwavering dedication, hard work, and a profound commitment to family. He was born on August 12, 1961, in the Bronx, New York, as the beloved son of Geraldine Marinacci Olsen and John Olsen.

A Passion for the Steel Mill Industry

A pivotal chapter in Mitch’s life unfolded during his 34-year journey in the steel mill industry. His involvement in this field transcended mere employment; it embodied a profound passion. Mitch demonstrated unwavering dedication to the sector, leaving an indelible mark by spearheading the establishment of new mills, a testament to his innovative spirit and unyielding work ethic.

Bringing Joy to Those Around Him

In addition to his notable professional accomplishments, Mitch was renowned for his infectious sense of merriment. Whether in the workplace, social events, or personal interactions, he had a talent for infusing joy into every situation. His contagious sense of fun naturally made him the focal point of attention wherever he went.

Dedicated to Family

At the heart of Mitch’s universe was his family. His enduring 38-year marriage to Arlene Bond Olsen stood as a testament to steadfast love and partnership. Mitch found immense joy and pride in his children, Jessica Hinton (Brian) and Matthew Olsen, as well as his grandsons, Austin Hinton and Logan Hinton.

Remembering a Cherished Legacy

Regrettably, Mitch faced poignant losses, notably the passing of his brother, Ronald Olsen. The memories and shared history they created together continue to be a cherished part of the family’s legacy.

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Honoring Mitch’s Life

In tribute to Mitch’s life, the community united for visitations at McAlister-Smith Funeral Home in West Ashley on October 26, 2022. The subsequent funeral service, conducted the following day, served as a commemoration of his life, providing an opportunity for everyone to reflect on the profound impact he had on countless lives.

A Serene Final Resting Place

Mitch’s ultimate resting place is at Live Oak Memorial Gardens in Charleston, South Carolina. This tranquil setting serves as a poignant symbol of his lasting presence in the hearts of all those he touched.

Commemorating Memories and Relationships

After the funeral service and burial, Mitch’s family hosted an informal reception in Charleston. This gathering provided a meaningful opportunity to commemorate and remember him alongside family and friends, celebrating the cherished memories and relationships he left behind.

Supporting a Cause Close to Mitch’s Heart

In lieu of flowers, contributions were encouraged for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, embodying Mitch’s spirit of generosity and concern for others.

Sharing Condolences and Memories

The family also extended an invitation for messages of sympathy and shared memories on the website of McAlister-Smith Funeral Home. This online platform served as a space for those unable to attend to convey their condolences and share their personal stories about Mitch.

Funeral Care and Support

During this challenging period, the family received support and assistance from McAlister-Smith Funeral Home of West Ashley. Their expertise and services played a crucial role in providing essential funeral care at 2501 Bees Ferry Rd in Charleston.

A Life Well-Lived

Mitch Olson led an extraordinary life marked by diligence, joy, and love. His influence endures through the lives he touched, his significant contributions to the industry, and the cherished memories created with his beloved family. Today, we pay tribute to his memory by commemorating a life well-lived while mourning his absence.


Q: For how many years did Mitch have a tenure in the steel mill industry?

A: Mitch devoted 34 years to the steel mill industry, demonstrating his unwavering commitment and enthusiasm for the field.

Q: In what ways did Mitch spread joy to those in his vicinity?

A: Mitch exuded an infectious spirit of joy, consistently uplifting the atmosphere at work, social events, and personal interactions.

Q: Where is it possible to contribute a donation in honor of Mitch?

A: Contributions can be directed to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a cause that held special significance for Mitch.