Oakland Accident, Arif Mohammed Lost His Life In Tragic Hit-And-Run Accident In Oakland – Death


Oakland Accident, Arif Mohammed Death – It is with deep sadness that we learn that 18-year-old Arif Mohammed of New York City was one of the victims of a tragic double hit-and-run accident in Oakland. Family and friends are in grief as the Alameda County Coroner’s office confirmed the tragic news, shrouding the town in sadness. Mohammed was killed on Sunday night at around 10:30 p.m.

when a Zipcar rental he was riding in was involved in a collision with another vehicle south of the Lincoln Avenue exit. After the accident crippled the Zipcar, the other vehicle despicably drove away, abandoning the site of the accident. After that, two people got out of the Zipcar, one of them was Arif Mohammed. Sadly, a passing vehicle tried to escape the broken-down vehicles and crashed into Mohammed, killing him instantly.

The tragic hit-and-run was made even worse when the second car’s driver ran away from the scene. In the first crash, the Zipcar driver was unharmed. The current occurrences, however, show how careless actions can ruin the lives of innocent people like Arif Mohammed. There is a tremendous need for witnesses to come forward with vital details regarding the hit-and-run because authorities have not yet released

information regarding the vehicles involved in the incident. There needs to be greater accountability and stronger steps taken to combat the disturbing increase in hit-and-run instances on our highways. The hit-and-run epidemic is still a major problem. As they grieve the sudden death of Arif Mohammed, the community is thinking about how precious life is and how important it is that we all work together to make roadways safer.

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