Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart Have ‘Just Friends’ Reunion for Aviation Gin


Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart just had an epic reunion. 

The actors, who starred in the 2005 film Just Friends, appeared in a mini “sequel” 18 years later in the form of a hilarious Aviation American Gin commercial. In honor of the movie hitting theaters 18 years ago on Nov. 23, which is the day Thanksgiving falls on this year, the ad is titled “Just Friendsgiving.”

In the video above, fans can see where the characters are in their relationship now. It starts with Reynolds standing in a festive living room decked out with a Christmas tree.

“Wow!” Smart says as she walks in the room. Reynolds greets her: “Oh hey, honey, I was just looking at the tree. Nothing like the smell of real pine.”

“Oh I love our pine tree,” she says as she clutches a bottle of Aviation Gin.

Still in character, Reynolds then asks Smart how her day was.

Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart Share a Just Friends Reunion in New Aviation Gin Commercial.

Maximum Effort

“I’ve had better days,” she responds. “The bar ran out of, uh, Aviation American Gin.” 

“Oh no that’s so bad!” he dramatically exclaims. “That’s terrible they ran out of the Aviation.”

She breaks the fourth wall as the living room disappears and reveals a green screen. “I’m sorry. Can we just cut this? This is weird,” she says.

The Proposal star tries to reassure her. “When we get to post, it’ll be our home, you’ll see all the decorations and that kind of stuff. I promise. It’s going to look just fine. I think we should just try it again,” he adds.

They reset the scene with the background reinstated. 

“Hey honey, how was work?” Reynolds repeats. 

“Oh it was not great,” she said, clearly forced. “You know, the bar ran out of Aviation American Gin.”

He turns the heat up on his delivery and shouts, “Oh f—!”

Smart calls for the cameras to stop rolling again. “I’m sorry. Can we cut? That was a big reaction,” she says. 

Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart in “Just Friends”.

New Line Productions, Inc

“Well it’s been 18 years, you know. I think the characters have changed a bit, so I started playing it like that in my head,” he says.

Smart still looks deeply baffled and is clearly not convinced. “Let’s go one more time, ready? Roll camera,” Reynolds says.

He repeats his greeting line, but she cuts in immediately. “Hold on. Why would I be carrying this if I ran out?” she asks, pointing to the spirits bottle.

“Well, on the way home from the bar you stopped to pick up some smooth Aviation American Gin at one of our many well-respected retail partners,” he adds.

Finally, Smart catches on that this isn’t a real Just Friends reunion.  

“So this is a stupid ad for your gin company?” she asks.

“Well, let’s not rush to judgment before all the facts are in. I mean, this is a self-funded sequel predicated on a loose interpretation of IP law so in effect—yes, it is an ad for my Aviation American Gin,” he admits.

“Wow? Dirty,” Smart scoffs as she walks off stage. 

Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart in “Just Friends”.

New Line Productions, Inc

As the tension builds, Reynolds responds, “Well, never work with your heroes.”

“You’re not my f—ing hero!” she responds off screen amid the sound of a shattering glass gin bottle. 

As the official ad comes to a close, a behind-the-scenes shot of the commercial gives a real glimpse of the pair 18 years later.

“Ladies and gentleman, that is a wrap on Ms. Amy Smart!” Reynolds cheers, as they blow each other kisses.

Reynolds is known to insert his humor into his Aviation Gin commercials. Most recently he starred alongside Rob Thomas in a new FX and Hulu ad for the liquor. In the spot, Reynolds poked fun at another Rob in his life — Rob McElhenney, his co-founder of Wrexham AFC.

He’s also starred alongside his mom, Tammy, in one of the promotional videos last Mother’s Day.

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