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David Adkins, born on November 10, 1956, is an American stand-up comedian and actor better known by his stage name, Sinbad. He hails from Benton Harbor, Michigan. Sinbad has been active in the entertainment industry since 1986 and is still going strong.

He has engaged audiences through various mediums, including stand-up comedy, film, and television. Sinbad’s comedy spans different genres, including observational comedy, political satire, black comedy, surreal humor, character comedy, and clean comedy. His material covers a wide range of subjects, from everyday life and self-deprecation to marriage, parenting, American politics, current events, family, friendship, pop culture, race relations, racism, relationships, and aging.

Sinbad has been married twice, first to Meredith Fuller from 1985 to 1992 and later, in 2002, to another spouse. He is a father of two children.

In the 1990s, Sinbad gained recognition through his HBO specials and made notable appearances on various television series. He portrayed Coach Walter Oakes in “A Different World” from 1987 to 1991 and starred as David Bryan on “The Sinbad Show” from 1993 to 1994. Additionally, Sinbad has been part of several films, including “Necessary Roughness,” “Houseguest,” “First Kid,” “Jingle All the Way,” “Good Burger,” and “Planes.”

Sinbad’s career showcases his versatility and ability to connect with audiences through humor, making him a well-loved figure in the world of comedy and entertainment.

Full Name

David Adkins (known professionally as Sinbad)

Date of Birth

November 10, 1956


67 years (as of 2023)


Benton Harbor, Michigan, U.S.


Stand-up comedian, actor

Years Active



Observational comedy, political satire, black comedy, surreal humor, character comedy, clean comedy

Notable Roles

Coach Walter Oakes in “A Different World” (1987–1991), David Bryan in “The Sinbad Show” (1993–1994)

Marital Status

Divorced (Meredith Fuller, 1985–1992), remarried (2002)


2 (Royce and Paige)

Sinbad Illness and Health Update is Sinbad Sick?

Yes, Sinbad, the comedian, had a stroke two years ago in October 2020. A blood clot traveled from his heart to his brain, causing an ischemic stroke. This means that the blood supply to part of his brain was blocked. Since then, Sinbad has been working hard on his recovery, undergoing therapy to regain his ability to walk.

In a recent update shared by his family on Sinbad’s Instagram, they expressed gratitude for the love and support fans have shown over the past two years. They shared a photo of Sinbad relearning how to walk and mentioned that many people have asked for updates on his health. To keep everyone informed, the family created a website where people can follow Sinbad’s progress and offer support.

Despite the challenges, Sinbad has already made significant progress, surpassing expectations. The family mentioned that the odds of surviving what he went through were around 30%, but Sinbad has beaten those odds. He returned home on July 7, 2021, after nine months of intensive recovery. He is still receiving therapy and is determined to keep fighting until he can walk across the stage again.

Sinbad himself expressed his determination, saying, “I am not done. I will not stop fighting until I can walk across the stage again.”

The family acknowledged the support and prayers from fans, stating that they believe Sinbad is here because of the multitude of prayers. They expressed gratitude for the outpouring of love and memories shared by fans, mentioning that it has lifted Sinbad’s spirits and inspired the entire family.

Sinbad Career

David Adkins, professionally known as Sinbad, is an American stand-up comedian and actor born on November 10, 1956, in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Choosing the name Sinbad to stand out, he began his career by winning on Star Search, leading to various roles and his own sitcom, “The Redd Foxx Show.” In 1987, he joined “A Different World,” staying until 1991 as Coach Walter Oakes. His popularity led to the creation of “The Sinbad Show” in 1993, portraying a bachelor who becomes a foster parent.

Sinbad’s film career includes notable works like “Houseguest,” “First Kid,” and “Jingle All the Way.” He received an Image Award for his stand-up special, “Sinbad: Afros and Bellbottoms.” Sinbad’s diverse career extends to hosting shows like “It’s Showtime at the Apollo,” appearing in “Cosby,” and participating in HBO specials.

Despite challenges, such as his show’s cancellation in 1994, Sinbad continued to thrive, winning awards, publishing a book, and engaging in philanthropy. His career remains versatile, including roles in animated films and TV series, and he has been associated with Apple, showcasing his musical talents as well.

Sinbad Net Worth

Sinbad, the Michigan-born actor and comedian, has a net worth of $100 thousand. He gained national attention by winning “Star Search” in the mid-80s, leading to roles on “The Redd Foxx Show” and guest appearances on shows like “The Cosby Show.” His fame soared with the role of Coach Walter Oakes on “A Different World.” Sinbad starred in films such as “Necessary Roughness” and “Jingle All the Way.” Additionally, he’s known for successful stand-up comedy specials on HBO and has released multiple comedy DVDs. Despite financial challenges, Sinbad’s enduring career reflects his impact on comedy and entertainment.

What is Wrong With Sinbad?

Sinbad, the beloved comedian and actor, faced a significant health challenge when he suffered an ischemic stroke in October 2020. The stroke was caused by a blood clot that traveled from his heart to his brain. Despite initial promise after a thrombectomy, complications arose when a secondary clot formed. This led to further surgeries and medical interventions, including being placed in a medically-induced coma. The family shared the heartbreaking journey of discovering the severity of Sinbad’s condition, including the difficulty he faced in moving his left side and holding up his head.

After months of intensive therapy and a slow recovery process, Sinbad has made remarkable progress, but his family acknowledges the financial toll it has taken. They are seeking support through a donation page to cover ongoing medical expenses. Despite the challenging odds, Sinbad’s determination and the outpouring of love from supporters have played a crucial role in his recovery.

Did Sinbad Have a Stroke?

Yes, Sinbad, the comedian and actor, had a stroke. In October 2020, he suffered an ischemic stroke caused by a blood clot traveling from his heart to his brain. Despite initial optimism after a thrombectomy to remove the clot, complications arose when a secondary clot formed, leading to additional surgeries. Sinbad’s family shared the challenging journey, including moments when he was placed in a medically-induced coma due to complications, such as brain swelling and bleeding. 

The family highlighted the severity of his health condition, noting his struggle to move his left side and hold up his head. Following intensive therapy, Sinbad has made remarkable progress, learning to walk again and defying the typical survival rates associated with such events. The family has sought support through a donation page to cover ongoing medical expenses, emphasizing the importance of prayers and the outpouring of love from well-wishers in his recovery.

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