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In a recent turn of events, Target is once again finding itself at the center of controversy, facing backlash for its Christmas decorations that include LGBTQ-friendly merchandise. The retailer, known for its diverse product offerings, has introduced a range of Christmas ornaments, drawing attention to its commitment to inclusivity. However, this move has not been well-received by everyone.

The uproar began when the popular X page, End Wokeness, took to social media to showcase Target’s Christmas house décor. The ornaments feature Santas of various ethnicities in wheelchairs and a soldier proudly carrying the Pride flag while sporting a rainbow hat. The post quickly gained traction, amassing over 3.3 million views and sparking a heated discussion online.

Adding fuel to the fire, controversial news outlet Libs of TikTok revealed that Erik Thompson had been appointed as Target’s “Senior LGBTQIA+ Segmentation Strategist and Pride Lead.” Thompson is said to be leading the company’s LGBTQIA+ multicultural merchandising strategy and pride businesses. While it remains unclear whether Thompson played a role in the development of the Christmas decorations in question, his association with the LGBTQ initiatives at Target has become a focal point of the controversy.

This incident is not the first time Target has faced criticism for its support of the LGBTQ community. Earlier this year, the retailer was boycotted by conservative consumers for offering Pride Month-themed clothes for children. The sale of the book “Bye Bye, Binary,” depicting a newborn baby challenging traditional male ideals, also sparked outrage among some parents who accused the organization of grooming children.

The current backlash highlights the ongoing tension between corporations seeking to embrace diversity and inclusivity and segments of the consumer base resistant to what they perceive as “woke” or politically correct initiatives. Target’s Christmas Pride merchandise has reignited this debate, prompting discussions on the role of businesses in social and cultural issues.

As the controversy unfolds, Target may find itself navigating the delicate balance between fostering a socially responsible image and addressing the concerns of a diverse customer base with varying ideological perspectives. The outcome of this situation will likely shape future decisions regarding the retail giant’s approach to inclusive merchandise and its impact on public opinion.

Who is Erik Thompson?

Erik Thompson is an experienced professional who has been an integral part of Target for the past nine years, showcasing a dynamic career within the organization. He initially joined Target in June 2014 as a Merchandise Planning Business Analyst, where he likely contributed to the strategic planning and analysis of the company’s product offerings.

Over the years, Thompson has taken on various roles, demonstrating his versatility and expertise. His journey within Target includes positions such as Senior Business Analyst, where he likely played a crucial role in analyzing and improving business processes. Additionally, he served as an Associate Buyer for Men’s Sportswear, contributing to the selection and procurement of men’s sportswear products, and later as a Buyer for Beauty and Cosmetics, showcasing his involvement in curating beauty and cosmetic product lines.

In his current role as the ‘Senior LGBTQIA+ Segmentation Strategist & Pride Lead’ at Target, Thompson is at the forefront of the company’s efforts to cater to and engage with the LGBTQIA+ community. This position underscores Target’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity in its merchandising strategies, with Thompson likely playing a pivotal role in shaping and executing these initiatives.

Thompson’s professional journey is not limited to Target alone. Prior to his tenure at the retail giant, he served as a marketing analyst for the Mayo Clinic’s Innovation Scholars Program. This experience likely provided him with valuable insights into healthcare marketing and innovation.

Erik Thompson’s diverse roles within Target, coupled with his experience at the Mayo Clinic, suggest a professional with a broad skill set and a commitment to contributing to the success of the organizations he serves. As the ‘Senior LGBTQIA+ Segmentation Strategist & Pride Lead,’ Thompson appears to be a key player in Target’s ongoing efforts to create an inclusive and diverse retail environment.



Full Name

Erik Thompson

Professional Title

Senior LGBTQIA+ Segmentation Strategist & Pride Lead



Career Duration at Target

9 years (Joined in June 2014)

Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Marketing and Organizational Communication (Concordia College),

  • Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies (Liverpool Hope University)

Previous Roles at Target

  • Merchandise Planning Business Analyst

  • Senior Business Analyst

  • Associate Buyer for Men’s Sportswear

  • Buyer for Beauty and Cosmetics

External Experience

Marketing Analyst at Mayo Clinic’s Innovation Scholars Program

Private Life


Erik Thompson Education

Erik Thompson holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Marketing and Organizational Communication, which he earned from Concordia College. This educational background reflects his foundation in key business and communication principles, providing a solid base for his subsequent roles in the corporate world.

In addition to his degree from Concordia College, Thompson expanded his academic pursuits by studying Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies at Liverpool Hope University. This indicates a specific interest and focus on entrepreneurship, suggesting that he sought to deepen his understanding of the principles and practices associated with starting and managing businesses.

Thompson’s educational journey, encompassing both business marketing and entrepreneurship studies, aligns with the diverse roles he has undertaken in his professional career, including his current position as the ‘Senior LGBTQIA+ Segmentation Strategist & Pride Lead’ at Target. His academic background likely equipped him with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the dynamic and multifaceted aspects of the business world, contributing to his success in various roles within Target and beyond.

Erik Thompson Personal Life

Erik Thompson has been thrust into the spotlight amid the controversy surrounding Target’s Christmas ornaments, but prior to this, he maintained a private life, shielded from public scrutiny. Details about his age, family, and other personal aspects have not been publicly disclosed, preserving a level of privacy that is not uncommon for individuals in the public eye.

Unlike some public figures who actively share personal details on social media, Erik Thompson has opted to keep his Instagram account private. This decision suggests a deliberate choice to maintain a level of separation between his professional life and personal affairs, emphasizing the importance of privacy for him.

Thompson’s sudden visibility in the wake of the Target controversy highlights the challenges individuals face when thrust into the public eye, especially those who have intentionally kept their personal lives private. It underscores the delicate balance that public figures must navigate in an era of heightened social media scrutiny and rapid dissemination of information.

As discussions surrounding Target’s “Woke Christmas Ornaments” continue, the public’s curiosity about Erik Thompson’s personal life may persist. However, his choice to maintain a private profile reflects a desire for boundaries in an age where personal details often become subject to public consumption.

Reactions Over Target’s Woke Christmas Ornaments

Target’s Christmas Pride decorations have ignited a wave of reactions online, with numerous netizens expressing their displeasure and calling for a boycott of the retailer. The controversial Christmas collection, featuring ornaments like Santas of various ethnicities in wheelchairs and a soldier carrying the Pride flag, has sparked a heated discussion on social media platforms.

As news of the Christmas ornaments spread, netizens took to various online forums to voice their opinions. Many expressed dissatisfaction with what they perceived as an attempt by Target to align itself with “woke” or politically correct ideals. The inclusion of diverse representations in holiday decorations, such as Santas with different ethnic backgrounds and a soldier embracing LGBTQ pride symbols, has prompted criticism from those who feel that such initiatives go beyond traditional holiday themes.

Calls for boycotting Target gained traction among individuals who found the Christmas collection to be out of touch with their values or beliefs. The hashtag #BoycottTarget may have circulated on social media platforms as a means of organizing and expressing dissent.

Notably,  Target had not issued an official response or addressed the online backlash. The absence of a public statement from the retail giant added fuel to the online discourse, leaving netizens eager for an explanation or clarification regarding the intent behind the Christmas Pride decorations.

This incident underscores the ongoing tension between corporations embracing inclusivity and diversity and segments of the consumer base resistant to what they perceive as excessive political correctness. The online reactions reflect the broader societal conversation about the role of businesses in navigating social and cultural issues, especially during holiday seasons when traditions and sentiments are highly cherished.

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