Theodore Ryser Obituary, Has Tragically Passed Away Following Bicycle Crash In Florida – Death


Theodore Ryser Obituary, Death – It is with deep sorrow that we hereby inform the public of the demise of Theodore Ryser, a former 911 supervisor and Newark police officer. Ted’s demise occurred on the preceding day, approximately one week subsequent to his engagement in a bicycle collision within the jurisdiction of Florida. Ted resigned in 2016 after a forty-year tenure with the City of Newark, Delaware, during which he served as a police officer for twenty-one years and as a 911 supervisor for nineteen years.

Ted primarily dedicated a significant portion of his time fulfilling the role of a law enforcement officer within the Traffic Unit. His primary responsibilities encompassed the investigation of vehicular collisions and the enforcement of traffic regulations. A significant number of individuals within the community retain vivid recollections of observing his presence adjacent to the thoroughfare, wherever he was situated atop a motorcycle and prominently displaying a radar device.

After departing from the police department, he assumed the role of overseeing our 911 Center and Records Unit for a duration of 19 years. The individual in question had exceptional qualities as a spouse and caregiver, exhibiting a profound dedication to their professional responsibilities. In addition to his role as a mentor to numerous individuals, his most significant impact lay in his unwavering support as a dependable companion.

Prior to relocating to Florida, he frequently attended Wilmington Blue Rocks games alongside his kid for a considerable number of years. We express our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved spouse, offspring, and relatives of the deceased individual. May Ted rest in peace. Progress can be made at this point, given that the necessary information has been obtained. One will perpetually own their memory. I am experiencing a sense of longing for your presence, my dear companion.

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