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Yes, Lisa Guerrero was fired from ABC’s “Monday Night Football” after just one season in 2003. In her memoir, “Warrior: My Path to Being Brave,” she details a distressing work environment, where she felt uncomfortable due to the behavior of colleagues. Guerrero also reveals a traumatic on-air miscarriage experience during her time with the network. 

Despite her challenging stint in sports journalism, she successfully transitioned to a career with “Inside Edition” as an investigative journalist and ventured into acting. Guerrero, who claims to be a sports fan again, emphasizes the loneliness and shame she felt during her “Monday Night Football” tenure. Her story sheds light on the struggles she faced and how she overcame adversity to thrive in her subsequent career.

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Who is Lisa Guerrero?

Lisa Guerrero, born on April 9 in the year 1964, is a multifaceted American professional known for her roles as a journalist, actress, former sportscaster, artist, and model. Since 2006, she has been a noteworthy investigative correspondent for the widely syndicated newsmagazine Inside Edition. Guerrero’s career reflects versatility, transitioning from her early days as a sportscaster to a prominent figure in the field of investigative journalism. 

Beyond media, she has showcased her talents in art and modeling. Notably, Lisa Guerrero is recognized for her resilience and successful career reinvention after facing challenges during her short-lived stint as Monday Night Football’s sideline reporter in 2003. Her diverse contributions across various domains underline her impact on American media and her ability to navigate and thrive in different professional landscapes.


Known as

Lisa Guerrero

Date of Birth

April 9, 1964


59 Years


Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

Lisa Guerrero Early Life

Lisa Guerrero, born Lisa Coles Guerrero on April 9, 1964, in Chicago, Illinois, had a diverse and poignant early life. Her parents, Walter Coles and Lucy Guerrero, brought a blend of American and Chilean heritage into her upbringing. After her birth in Chicago, Lisa spent her formative years in San Diego and Huntington Beach, California. Tragedy struck in 1972 when, at the tender age of eight, Lisa faced the loss of her mother to lymphoma cancer. This heartbreaking event shaped her childhood and left a lasting impact on her life.

Lisa pursued her education at Edison High School in Huntington Beach, California, situated in Orange County. Despite the challenges and early adversity, Lisa Guerrero’s journey from Chicago to California laid the foundation for the resilient, versatile individual she would become. Her early experiences, marked by cultural diversity, personal loss, and educational pursuits, set the stage for a remarkable life journey that would eventually lead her to accomplishments as a journalist, actress, and investigative correspondent.

Lisa Guerrero Career

Lisa Guerrero’s illustrious career spans multiple facets of the entertainment and media landscape, showcasing her versatility and resilience. Beginning in the 1980s as a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Rams, she quickly transitioned into roles such as Entertainment Director for the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots. In the 1990s, Guerrero graced the small screen, starring in Aaron Spelling’s Sunset Beach and making notable guest appearances on shows like Frasier, Cybill, and George Lopez.

Venturing into sports journalism, she became a sports anchor for Los Angeles’ KCBS-TV and later joined the Fox Network in 1999, where she hosted shows like Sports Geniuses and The Best Damn Sports Show Period, making history as the first female host of the San Diego Chargers’ TV show. Her stint on ABC’s Monday Night Football in 2003, though short-lived, marked a significant chapter.

Guerrero’s media journey continued with a Playboy cover feature in 2006, followed by a transition to investigative journalism on Inside Edition in the same year. Her investigative prowess earned her numerous awards, including the National Headliner Award in 2011.

Beyond the screen, Guerrero embraced acting, with roles in films like Batman Returns and Moneyball, and as an author, publishing a crafting book, Jewelry For Your Table, in 2016, and a memoir titled Warrior: My Path to Being Brave in 2023. Lisa Guerrero’s four-decade-long career reflects not only her adaptability in diverse roles but also her resilience and determination in the face of challenges.

Why Was Lisa Guerrero Fired From Monday Night Football?

Lisa Guerrero’s brief tenure as Monday Night Football’s sideline reporter in 2003 took a pivotal turn due to a verbal slip, referring to a Washington athlete as a “former” rather than “current” teammate. This mistake fueled criticism and contributed to her transition from a current employee to a former one at ABC. 

Guerrero’s season was marked by disappointments and signs of a toxic work environment, eroding her confidence before the cameras even rolled. The shame of a high-profile career flop led to her departure from sports journalism. Despite the setback, Guerrero reinvented herself as an investigative reporter, tackling scams and solving a child murder case. Nearly two decades later, she confronts the turmoil of that NFL season in her memoir, “Warrior: My Path to Being Brave,” recounting her journey to acceptance and her successful second act as an investigative journalist. In an interview with theScore, Guerrero discusses facing her on-air debacle and embracing her comeback.


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