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Comedian Wayne Brady was in a car crash in Malibu on Sunday night with a driver who was charged with drunk driving. The accident happened on the Pacific Coast Highway when the other driver backed into Brady’s car. They had a small fight, and the driver fled but was caught 20 minutes later. The person was arrested for driving under the influence, hit-and-run (only property damage), and battery.

Brady, 51, was reportedly very upset about the incident. He’s thankful it wasn’t his daughter or anyone’s child involved. This comes a few months after Hulu announced a reality series about Brady and his blended family. In the summer, Brady revealed he’s pansexual and talked about how Robin Williams’ death in 2014 made him focus on his mental health and self-discovery.

He believes that being honest and taking care of his health is crucial so that he can be the best version of himself for his family and friends. Brady’s priorities are being a good dad, friend, son, and, one day, a good partner to someone.

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Who is Wayne Brady?

Wayne Alphonso Brady is an American television host, comedian, actor, and singer. Best known for his role on the improvisational comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, he has been a regular on the American version. Brady hosted The Wayne Brady Show and was the original host of Fox’s Don’t Forget the Lyrics! He has been the host of Let’s Make a Deal since its 2009 revival.

In addition to his TV work, Brady performed in the Tony Award-winning musical Kinky Boots on Broadway and played James Stinson on How I Met Your Mother. Brady is a five-time Emmy Award winner, earning his first in 2003 for Whose Line? and two more the following year for The Wayne Brady Show.

He also received two Emmys for Let’s Make a Deal. Additionally, he was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2009 for Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance for his cover of the Sam Cooke song “A Change Is Gonna Come.”

Full Name

Wayne Alphonso Brady

Date of Birth

June 2, 1972

Place of Birth

Columbus, Georgia, USA


West Indian parents

Early Life

Moved to Orlando, Florida, raised by grandmother

TV Host Roles

The Wayne Brady Show, Let’s Make a Deal

Emmy Awards

Five-time winner, including Whose Line? and Let’s Make a Deal


Wayne Brady Age

As of 2023, Wayne Brady is 51 years old. Wayne Brady was born on June 2, 1972 in Columbus, Georgia, to West Indian parents. When he was young, he moved to Orlando, Florida, to live with his grandmother, Valerie Petersen, whom he considers his “mom” since she raised him.

As a child, Brady had a stutter, which led to bullying and caused him a lot of anxiety. At the age of 16, he began performing in community theater and joined the SAK Comedy Lab improvisation troupe in Orlando, where he honed his improv skills. He graduated from Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando in 1989. In 1996, Brady moved to Los Angeles to further develop his acting abilities.

Wayne Brady Career

Wayne Brady’s career has been diverse and successful. He gained early TV exposure as a recurring contestant on Kwik Witz and on the British version of Whose Line Is It Anyway? before becoming a regular on the American version. Winning a Primetime Emmy in 2003, he hosted his own variety show, The Wayne Brady Show, and a daytime talk show.

Brady showcased his talents on Broadway in Chicago and had roles in various TV series like How I Met Your Mother and Everybody Hates Chris. He co-hosted Celebrity Duets and Don’t Forget the Lyrics! and started hosting Let’s Make a Deal in 2009. Alongside his TV career, Brady is a Grammy-nominated singer and starred in Kinky Boots on Broadway.

He continued with diverse roles in Hamilton, Colony, and The Bold and the Beautiful, winning a Daytime Emmy in 2018. Brady’s recent endeavors include winning The Masked Singer, starring in Black Lightning, and participating in Dancing with the Stars in 2022.

What Happened to Wayne Brady?

Wayne Brady was in a car accident in Malibu when another driver, charged with DUI, backed into his car. After a minor fight, the driver fled but was later arrested. Brady, 51, was upset about the incident, thankful it wasn’t his daughter involved.

This comes months after Hulu announced a reality series about his blended family. Brady, who came out as pansexual, emphasizes the importance of health and honesty for being the best version of himself for family and friends.

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