What is unleaded 88 gas at Sheetz? $1.99 Thanksgiving locations, offer availability and all you need to know 


Sheetz, an American chain of convenience stores, has left the netizens excited after it announced its Thanksgiving deal wherein the chain has dropped its gas prices on Unleaded 88 to $1.99. Starting from November 20, 2023, the deal will remain till November 27, 2023, which will offer the customer a gallon of unleaded 88, at an exciting price.

The chain has also clarified that customers can avail of this deal at Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia locations. The company made the announcement about the offer and suggested that the customers can check the list of the locations where the offer is available on their application, or their website.

Netizens react to Thanksgiving offer on Unleaded 88 gas. (Image via X/ @gasbuddyguy)
Netizens react to Thanksgiving offer on Unleaded 88 gas. (Image via X/ @gasbuddyguy)

As per GasBuddy, Unleaded 88 is a gas made with 15% renewable biofuels which has been approved by the government for all cars which have been made after the year 2001. However, the website also stated that the gas is not for all vehicles, as GasBuddy states:

“Unleaded 88 is approved for any vehicle manufactured since 2001, but if you have a car that is older than 2001, you should not use Unleaded 88. Also, some small engines, such as lawnmowers, motorcycles and snowmobiles are not recommended for higher blend fuels like Unleaded 88.1”

Due to its many benefits such as the gas being cleaner and cooler, and much more economical than other gases, many customers prefer it. Thanks to this deal, customers will be able to get a gallon of this Unleaded 88 at Sheetz at nearly $1.04 cheaper, as the average price of the gas is $3.27.


With the new Sheetz Thanksgiving offer, customers can get 15 gallons of Unleaded 88 gas for less than $30 instead of $45

With the festival time almost there, many companies have introduced luring and exciting schemes for their customers. Sheetz has also left the masses exhilarated after they announced that they would be selling their Unleaded 88 gas for $1.99 till November 27, 2023. With the average price of the gas being close to $3.3 per gallon, 15 gallons of the gas would now cost the customers less than $30.

Hence, the customers would now be paying $15 less, as according to the earlier price, an average customer at Sheetz would have paid more than $45 for the same quantity. Additionally, according to GasBuddy, this is the lowest price of the year. That being said, Sheetz’s petrol prices are probably going to stay low even after the promotion expires and things return to normal.


Gas Buddy’s spokesperson, Patrick De Haan, stated the same and said:

“I think we will continue to see this window of opportunity last probably until Valentine’s Day next year. That’s when we’ll see start to see gas prices rising seasonally.”

Social media fans are incredibly enthusiastic about the announcement of Sheetz’s steep discount in honor of Black Friday and Thanksgiving, and they can’t stop sharing about it on their social media accounts. The fact that the deal was made right before the busiest travel week of the year adds to the excitement.

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