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Brandon Ingram is rumored to be Aaleeyah Petty’s baby daddy, as per online speculation. Aaleeyah Petty, an Instagram model and fitness enthusiast, gave birth to her son Brenton on February 27, 2019. At the time of her pregnancy, the father’s identity was initially kept private, leading to rumors that NBA player Devin Booker might be the father, given his relationship with Kendall Jenner. However, in January 2021, reports surfaced identifying Brandon Ingram as the alleged father.

A photo circulating online showed an alleged FaceTime call between Ingram and Brenton, along with a picture of them snuggling on the floor.

While these details have been shared on social media, it’s important to note that official confirmation from the individuals involved may be lacking. Aaleeyah Petty is known for her significant following on Instagram, where she shares fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content.

Is Aaleeyah Petty Pregnant?

Yes, Aaleeyah Petty is pregnant. The Instagram model, known for her past relationships with NBA players, recently posted on Instagram, announcing her pregnancy with the caption “+1 coming 02.24.” She shared photos from her baby shower, where Anfernee Simons from the Portland Trail Blazers was reportedly present. Despite attempting to conceal his face, his tattoos and other family members’ pictures gave away his identity.

Aaleeyah Petty previously kept the identity of her son Brenton’s father a secret for nearly three years. In 2021, she revealed a brief relationship with Brandon Ingram as the father. This time, Petty is confident that Anfernee Simons is the father of her expected child, marking a significant development in her personal life.


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Who is Aaleeyah Petty?

Aaleeyah Petty is a well-known Instagram star and fitness enthusiast born in Illinois. She rose to prominence through social media platforms such as Twitter and Vine. Aaleeyah joined Twitter in July 2010 and later gained popularity on Instagram with her account “aaleeyahpetty,” accumulating over 1.3 million followers. Originally from Chicago, she eventually moved to Los Angeles.

Aaleeyah collaborated with other Viners like King Bach, Wuz Good, Melvin Gregg, and King Keraun. She is recognized for her contributions in the fitness community and her engaging content on various social media platforms.

Full Name

Aaleeyah Petty


July 3, 1994




29 years old 

Career Focus

Instagram Star, Fitness Enthusiast

Social Media

Twitter, Instagram


Originally from Chicago, later relocated to Los Angeles


Welcomed a son in 2019

Aaleeyah Petty Age

Aaleeyah Petty, the Instagram personality, was born on July 3, 1994. Currently, she is 29 years old. Originally from Illinois, she gained fame through social media platforms like Twitter and Vine. Aaleeyah became active on Twitter in July of 2010 and later expanded her influence on Instagram, where her account “aaleeyahpetty” attracted over 1.3 million followers.

Her move from Chicago to Los Angeles and collaborations with other Viners, such as King Bach, Wuz Good, Melvin Gregg, and King Keraun, contributed to her popularity. In 2019, she welcomed her son. A Cancer by zodiac sign, Aaleeyah Petty continues to be recognized as an Instagram star and fitness influencer with a significant online presence.


Aaleeyah Petty Early Life

Aaleeyah Petty was in Illinois. Growing up, she spent her early life in Chicago before later relocating to Los Angeles. Aaleeyah entered the world of social media by joining Twitter in July of 2010, marking the beginning of her online presence. Her popularity soared when she ventured into Instagram, particularly through her account “aaleeyahpetty,” where she amassed a substantial following of over 1.3 million fans.

Known for her fitness enthusiasm, Aaleeyah became a social media star, gaining attention not only for her engaging content but also for collaborations on platforms like Vine. Her journey includes collaborations with notable Viners like King Bach, Wuz Good, Melvin Gregg, and King Keraun. Aaleeyah Petty’s early life laid the foundation for her subsequent success as an Instagram personality and fitness influencer.

Aaleeyah Petty Career

Aaleeyah Petty’s career revolves around her prominence as a social media personality and fitness enthusiast. Starting on Twitter in July 2010, she gained traction for her engaging content and later expanded her influence on Instagram with the account “aaleeyahpetty,” accumulating over 1.3 million followers. Aaleeyah’s popularity surged as she embraced a fitness-focused approach, establishing herself as a notable figure in the fitness community.

Her career highlights include collaborations with fellow Viners, such as King Bach, Wuz Good, Melvin Gregg, and King Keraun, primarily on the now-discontinued platform Vine. Aaleeyah’s move from Chicago to Los Angeles also played a role in shaping her career trajectory. Overall, her journey showcases a blend of social media success, fitness advocacy, and collaborative ventures that have contributed to her standing as a recognized Instagram star.

Aaleeyah Petty Family

Aaleeyah Petty hails from Chicago, and while specific details about her family are not extensively provided, she did relocate to Los Angeles at some point. In 2019, a significant family event occurred in her life – she welcomed a son. This marks a notable aspect of her personal life, indicating her role as a mother.

Despite the limited information available, Aaleeyah’s decision to move and start a family suggests a focus on personal growth and building connections beyond her social media career. While she maintains a public presence through platforms like Instagram, her family life, especially the arrival of her son, stands out as a meaningful and private aspect of her journey.

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