William J. Howlett, Jr. (Buster) Obituary, A Cherished Second World War Veteran Has Passed Away – Death


William J. Howlett, Jr. (Buster) Obituary, Death – William J. Howlett, Jr., better known as “Buster,” passed away on November 15, 2023 at the ripe old age of 95, and we pause to reflect on his extraordinary life. Buster’s life was defined by his love for his family and his nation during his time as a decorated World War II warrior. Buster’s life revolved around his wife and children (Karen Jaskolka, Kevin Howlett, and Michael Howlett), all of whom he had lost to cancer.

In addition to being a parent, he was also known as “Pop” to his children Dana, Marc, Amanda, Ryan, Jillian, and Matthew. With the arrival of grandkids and great-grandchildren, the family’s happiness grew exponentially, weaving a web of love and connection across many generations. A patriotic veteran of World War II, Buster’s devotion to his nation was a cornerstone of his identity. His friends and family were inspired by the sacrifices he made during that critical time in history.

His commitment to duty and honor was unwavering, and it left an everlasting mark on the lives of his loved ones and the people he met both on and off the battlefield. Due to the changing nature of memorial ceremonies, Buster’s loved ones have decided to have a private service in his honor. They ask that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Wounded Warrior Project, a cause near and dear to Buster’s heart.

You can send your contribution either electronically or by mail to the given address. William J. Howlett, Jr. (Buster), a true American hero whose legacy lingers in the hearts of those he leaves behind, was laid to rest today. He was a patriot, a family man, and a beacon of endurance.

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