William R. “Bill” Mosher Obituary, Middletown Fire Department, Ontario Hose Company # 5 Mourns The Loss A Cherished Member – Death


William R. “Bill” Mosher Obituary, Death – Middletown mourns the death of 76-year-old William R. “Bill” Mosher. Bill, a longtime citizen, left a legacy of public service and music that shaped his neighborhood. Bill Mosher, born January 12, 1947, to William J. and Dorothy R. Peck Mosher, was raised in Middletown and became a vital part of the community. He married his soulmate, Patricia Delaney Mosher, in 1963 and spent 40 years together. Bill spent 20 years with the Middletown Fire Department, demonstrating his dedication to public safety.

He tirelessly protected his town as a Professional Firefighter and Fire Inspector. As a colleague and friend, he had a huge impact on the department and retired in 1992, leaving courage and service. Bill’s accomplishments went beyond fire service. He retired from Mid-City Transit Corp., demonstrating his diversified skills and community involvement. Bill’s dedication to assisting others had a lasting impression on Middletown, garnering him respect and esteem.

Bill loved the trumpet for nearly 60 years and was a talented player. He started playing at 10 and became a beloved member of various local bands. He played with the Swing Shift Orchestra, Hudson Valley Swing Band, and Pine Bush Community Band. His work with the SUNY Orange Symphonic Band demonstrated his musical ability and commitment to community arts. Bill’s love of music brought joy, creativity, and friendship to audiences.

His music in numerous bands enriched Middletown’s culture and left a lasting impression on listeners. Bill Mosher was a loving husband, father, and friend beyond his musical and professional achievements. His 40-year marriage to Patricia showed deep and abiding love, and his community engagement made many lasting relationships. As Middletown remembers William R. “Bill” Mosher, his selflessness, musical talent, and positive impact on others will live on. The community grieves the loss of a hometown hero and is appreciative for his lasting impact.

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