Willie Boyle Obituary, Seagoe Churchview LOL 26 Mourns The Death Of A Loyal Servant And Anchor, Willie Boyle – Death


Willie Boyle Obituary, Death – The fraternity announces Brother Willie Boyle’s death in a mournful manner, and the news reverberates through the close-knit community of Seagoe Churchview LOL 26 in the Portadown District. The sad news of his passing has placed a pall over the Lodge, and his fellow Brothers and the community at large will feel the emptiness of his absence deeply.

The foundation of Brother Willie’s legacy is the unfaltering devotion he shown to the Loyal Orange Lodge Organization for more than half a century. His unwavering commitment to the ideals of brotherhood and camaraderie that characterize Seagoe made him more than just a member; he was a genuine friend to everyone. The organization’s vitality and sense of community were greatly enhanced by his unwavering commitment and devotion.

Our hearts go out to Willie’s bereaved family as Seagoe Churchview LOL 26 struggles to cope with this immense loss. At this very difficult and tragic time, the Lodge is holding his wife Margaret, his children Melanie, Gwen, and Elaine, and the rest of the family in its collective embrace. For the community in mourning, the words of comfort and consolation found in Matthew 5:4, “Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted,” ring true.

The Loyal Orange Lodge in Portadown District can trace its illustrious history back to Brother Willie Boyle, whose influence extended far beyond Seagoe. Breaking news of Brother Willie’s passing has brought the Seagoe Churchview LOL 26 fraternity and the community together to remember a life lived for friendship, service, and the unbreakable loyalty that has always been a part of their fellowship.

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